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God Or Julie is a rock band, formed by the Johnson brothers Adam and Jon-Paul. Recording the band's debut full-length "What Doesn't Kill You" wasn't an arduous process so much as an intense one. Some self-produced opening tandems like "Let it bleed again" and "Say your Last Goodbye." God or Julie carries the smoldering melodic torch of Placebo, HIM, and Muse. The band's name originated from one of their friend who wrote literally every song about either God or… read more

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  • Avatar for trdavis2003b What Doesn't Kill You God or Julie (Author) | Format: Audio CD
  • Avatar for CncAltarf
    Any news about them?
  • Avatar for KamuKamui
    helloo?! NEW ALBUM ?!
  • Avatar for BadTurnip
    And now, in all seriousness, I'm going to check this band out, as it seems like most comments have been pretty fanatic about them. In a good way, of course.
  • Avatar for BadTurnip
    Phew! What a relief! Sat here spacing for a few minutes, and thankfully Tool brought me back to my senses as their song, Opiate, played. 'Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow. What you need is Someone strong to guide you. Like Me. Like Me. Like Me. Like Me. If you want to get your soul to Heaven, Trust in Me now don't you judge or question. You are broken now but Faith can heal you. Just do everything I tell you to do. Jesus Christ, why don't You come save my life now. Open my eyes, blind me with Your light now.' Wow... Thanks, hmm, thanks to The Evolution Of Opposable Thumbs And The Eventual Dawn And Blossoming Of Human Creativity And Logic for the sane and sage words of Maynard. Even if he is one twisted dude. And he *is* one twisted dude... (I met him once...) But that's OK. Great, in fact... As crazy is usually framed as a departure from societal 'norms', here's to the evolution of more insanity! Until insane becomes 'The New Sane', of course... Then it can stop, thanks...
  • Avatar for BadTurnip
    OK, totally OT, but, I was looking at Paloalto-like bands, saw these guys, and the weirdness began. Had to click on in, as my step-mom Julie died recently after 2 years battling pancreatic cancer. If a god would let this happen to one of its best works, it's f'ing useless. Or malicious. Or more likely, nonexistent... Anyway, I'd visited her shortly before she died to Say our Last Goodbyes. And what's the top track here??? And, a God? C'mon, Nothing (could be) further from the truth. Being human ends in being Buried after a lifetime of sucking Oxygen and Waste(d) tears (hopefully w/ some joy along The road). The ridiculous odds of bumbling in here, the uncanny relevance of these titles to my Fallen 'angel' (those exact words just sung by Disappointment Inc. in 'Don't Think The Sun' as I typed them!), well, I'm Bleeding Again and Falling Down stunned. Maybe God exists after all, and is speaking to me thru I was so wrong! Uh-yup... And now Jesus Christ Superstar's playing. (sigh)
  • Avatar for LovelyInfection
    What are they up to? I can't find any news about them! Don't tell me they broke up!
  • Avatar for KamuKamui
    one of my favorite band :) i love being human
  • Avatar for kristalxhunter
    The Best *----*
  • Avatar for cavalera11

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