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  • Avatar for GabrielRyuChan
    Just hit 6666 scrobbles, nice
  • Avatar for SnowmanU360
    Taten statt Worte! is a gorgeous release.
  • Avatar for JayGEEGEEGEE
    im glad he is getting more popular, been listening to him for a couple years now~
  • Avatar for HopeFailsLM
  • Avatar for HopeFailsLM
    Xeno is the best thing ever.
  • Avatar for Jordan_229
  • Avatar for filzbaum <---good shit
  • Avatar for pixel_dude
    Xeno is a very fine album. On first impression alone, I'd say it edges out Puella Magi as his most consistent and well-crafted release. Though they're both quite different in mood and independently special.
  • Avatar for CranialEviscera
    A little late on the Xeno train, but damn...
  • Avatar for I0000days
  • Avatar for fireykoalagod
    here starts the most blissful 2 hours of my life
  • Avatar for Ezkarpy
    Xeno is out of this world..
  • Avatar for dreamturtle
    Instead of leaving me in awe of space and celestial bodies, the hollow glitch and static of Xeno reflects for me the lifelessness of this universe. I despair. Puella Magi - hold me :(
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
  • Avatar for Luco00
    'still have no idea how this is related to madoka but whatever.' Puella Magi just means magical girl.
  • Avatar for elitist_jerk
    still have no idea how this is related to madoka but whatever. uh, this is pretty stellar and shoegazey. not world-shattering but it takes the whole v:d:c sound into a new futuristic realm. i like (despite the shit tons of sidechaining)
  • Avatar for fireykoalagod
    come to brazil
  • Avatar for autumngaze
  • Avatar for Ezkarpy
    Love this man and the sounds he conjures
  • Avatar for 16N0R4N7
    Go-qualia, WEG and Kashiwa Daisuke should make some kind of tribute to this album: [album artist=Sweet Trip]Velocity : Design : Comfort[/album]
  • Avatar for SnowmanU360
    I am loving TsukasAmbient Works Vol.1 so much right now. Sleep and Reset are amazing.
  • Avatar for DuckussMaxximus
    I'm in <3 with Countdown (To Die For You-mix)!!!! I've been listening to Fantasia For Child In Me before going to sleep also. Go-qualia's work is heavenly!!!!!
  • Avatar for JayGEEGEEGEE
    Binah is my favourite, it's just beautiful
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    deep groove
  • Avatar for menyauthe
    TsukasAmbient Works Vol.1 is really fucking good. Sleep is one of his best tracks yet.
  • Avatar for Kasi_Maru
  • Avatar for menyauthe
    still my waifu, fuck the haters
  • Avatar for SayonaraKansas
    le gasp
  • Avatar for SayonaraKansas
    Wait so he's not an attractive anime girl?
  • Avatar for Voicedover
    why he so good
  • Avatar for Iheartokiohotel
    i approve.
  • Avatar for LOLI_PUKE
    k tankz you two :3
  • Avatar for Rapovezz
  • Avatar for watermelange
    this is pretty really good
  • Avatar for 16N0R4N7
    hmmm apparently the megaupload link is ~60mb, so the songs are for sure better than these in *searching*
  • Avatar for 16N0R4N7
    @LOLI_PUKE: Here 128kbps, but I hardly doubt the songs in the MU link were higher than 128.
  • Avatar for LOLI_PUKE
    Anybody got (and could possibly upload and share) Soine Kawaiine Tanzmuzik the megaupload link is no more and i can find it nowhere pretty please :'/
  • Avatar for uncouthcavalier
    Man, Requiem being a sexier version of Bate MIDI blew my mind.
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
  • Avatar for Mambazo
    2000 listeners? Well this is just criminal.
  • Avatar for whatapath
    really glitchy, really nice
  • Avatar for Loligagging
    One of the best new artists I've found in a while. Fantastic.
  • Avatar for extraaaa
    this is excellent
  • Avatar for TaggingMachine
    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 2109 listeners. It may take a while for the change to show. Visit the group [group]under 2000 listeners[/group] for more info.
  • Avatar for blackholebird
    btw. the art work (espescially of puella magi) is really good and you got an extra cd with 4 tracks (puella magi000), its really worthy :) i dont know a better lable than virgin babylon records to support!
  • Avatar for revealingstorm
    Your a gift from the music gods
  • Avatar for blackholebird
    totally rushed into my 2011 favorites ^_^
  • Avatar for 16N0R4N7
  • Avatar for McNutsack
    Wow, I'm loving this new album!
  • Avatar for blackholebird
    thank you very much :)


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