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Go-Neko! is born in early 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Manu and Peta decide to play together again and telepathically communicate with Mariano, who was at the time in Costa Rica, struggling for his life. As Mariano comes back from the central american lands, they decide to call Lucas to bang the drums. In early 2006 they record their first EP, which has already sold over 200 million copies and collected over 5 grands.
In the middle of the year, Pipe joins the band in keyboards, effects, voice, stuff, etc. to bring the band a magical touch. After a while, Lucas decides to leave the band. Manu, on the verge of throwing himself out the window of the 2º floor of his room in the Hilton Hotel, decides to call Tom, Pipe's brother, to take care of the drums.
After several rehearsals, they play live for the first time with that line-up on August Saturday 19, 2006, of the Gregorian Calendar. From that moment of planetary allignment on, the world meets Go-Neko!
Actually, they find themselves playing wherever the wind and their cosmic van take them…

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