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Knowledge, choice, belief, opening your third eye, becoming God, being born, magick spells, 1111, electromagnetic frequencies, emptiness, sun & moon, moving down a tunnel towards bright white light, raindrops on the surface of everything, mathematics, Tetraktis, sex, 2012, the woodlands in the dead of night, violence, culture shock, a mirror, the cycle of seasons, homelessness, a quartz crystal, tides in the ocean, DMT, a volcanic eruption, LGBT, moon cycles, I-ching, the hermetic code, quantum physics, cannabis hemp, protest, occult, rapture, mantra, string theory, Galaxies, Crop circles, UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, Fohat, reincarnation, every human standing up for their right to be free, the cries of the oppressed, childhood, DNA, mushrooms, Pineal Gland Activation, Kundalini meditation, a flower, losing all control, fractals, Ancient Mysteries, dancing your skin off, a dried lake, the end of time, addiction, reiki, tantra, Meritocracy, psychology, polar unity,losing everything where you found it, planets circling around and around forever, Celestial Intelligences, prophecy, the astral plane, history, Philosophy, a feedback loop, LSD, government, the soundtrack to your dreams, Heaven & Hell, the moment you woke up, peace, gnosticism, language, poetry, the cosmic joke, laughing so hard you cry, cacti, resting between duality, an existential crisis, people living as one, the never-ending question to the never-ending answer, the infinity of now, death, music, the reason why, compassion, forgiveness, tears, the paradox, the change, Abraxas, OM, ILLUMINATION, WISDOM, PEACE, LOVE, & GNOSIS.

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