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  • Avatar for ruschenburg
    machs gut alter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a bisserl spät, aber von herzen. der jörgel.
  • Avatar for rockmetalrules
    RIP Glenn. Thanks for all of the wonderful music!
  • Avatar for LcdCyn
  • Avatar for BJBooth
    So long, Glenn; thanks for the great stuff, especially Smuggler's Blues. Another beautiful voice silenced, sad....
  • Avatar for vinylz
  • Avatar for tem209
    RIP. Thanks.
  • Avatar for octacat
    RIP sir, another legend passes. I agree with robocopas, let's get that picture changed.
  • Avatar for KeithJones
  • Avatar for pinkflyd7
    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
  • Avatar for Pastel_Mermaid
    RIP :(
  • Avatar for robocopas
    The least we can do is let him rest in peace and remember his young days. Let's change the main photo
  • Avatar for E-Clect-Eddy
    Rest in Peace, Glenn, Take it to another limit
  • Avatar for ArtemNikto
    RIP, Glenn Frey. Thank you for all you have done for us, man!
  • Avatar for mathiha
    Rest in Peace Glenn
  • Avatar for Vincent____Vega
    RIP Glenn Frey :(
  • Avatar for Danny_Ocean11
    Смерть зачастила заходить за рок-героями...покойся с миром, Гленн! ты будешь вечен, как вечна и твоя музыка..Смерти назло.
  • Avatar for borra_cuervo
    Already Gone
  • Avatar for MandeyRawicz
    RIP Glenn. Music heroes never die!
  • Avatar for william_0191
    Rest in Peace Glenn
  • Avatar for joona0825
    Rest in peace.. So sad to hear the news.. We'll miss you and your music will live in our mind forever
  • Avatar for Zittyyy
    RIP Glenn :-(( es ist so traurig !
  • Avatar for jadedingenue
    Enough death already! :( RIP.
  • Avatar for drownedinsound2
    R.I.P Glenn :(
  • Avatar for Rafaelunes
    R.I.P. Glenn =(
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    RIP Glenn. Music legends have been dropping like flies lately. Mortality sucks. At least we still have all your great music to listen to.
  • Avatar for RiskGrave
    The Grim Reaper needs to take a very long holiday...Rest easy, Glenn.
  • Avatar for ShockWave3124
    R.I.P. Glenn ,had a great life playing music.
  • Avatar for sunsign902
    Rest peacefully, Glenn. You will be missed.
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    R.I.P. I was really shocked when i read about it. He was great.
  • Avatar for chack696
    R.I.P Glenn, you'll be missed
  • Avatar for nighthawk069
    Legendary Glenn Frey R.I.P. what a sad day and great loss in music
  • Avatar for marksplace2008
    R.I.P. Glenn Frey :(
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    glen,jim here i forgot which part of makin' you money cost'ed me my shirt
  • Avatar for Stilf
  • Avatar for Sararock81
    Love it!!!
  • Avatar for EdiSchwager
    I saw Glenn Frey on the 28th of June 1992 at the "Open Air St. Gallen" (Switzerland) and I listen right now to a tape of the show. I'm not a huge fan of his music. But fact ist: "Smuggler's Blues" is really a fantastic song!
  • Avatar for DiscoJer
    Go Cardinals!
  • Avatar for tripodthunder
    I agree with everyone else... You Belong To The City is better than the #1 track here, but they are both great.
  • Avatar for AppleKabukiSuri
    best episode of married with children
  • Avatar for WSteven
    Smugglers blues been there
  • Avatar for an8711
    He was unbelievably hot in his heyday, Russell from Almost famous is based on him. Glenn is too cool!
  • Avatar for Pusteblumme
  • Avatar for AxelMoon
    Part Of Me, Part Of You = Absolutely Inspirationnal
  • Avatar for Velvet-Dreams
    You belong to the city.. Great.. :)
  • Avatar for CaCoffiny
    WE Belong To The City
  • Avatar for whatKryssisaid
    Flip City <3
  • Avatar for iamhoda
    beverly hills cop dude :)
  • Avatar for myst515
    Glenn Frey is one of my personal favorites. He is proof that you can become successful as a solo artist aside from being apart of successful group in the Eagles. Don Henley is good too.
  • Avatar for akiramuhahaha
    I say only this... Miami Vice... :D
  • Avatar for StanLeChinois
    Greetings from Paris /France


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