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  • Avatar for PsychoVertical
    fuck me!
  • Avatar for michiemonchy
    Such a fantastic song
  • Avatar for grintodeath
    they are excellent live
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    Another depressing Xmas sounding song! LOL
  • Avatar for Juullyah
    every time that i listen to this song i remember skins *-*
  • Avatar for ThataHq
    Skins Soundtrack
  • Avatar for psiche0
    Yes, for me too! It reminds of Last Chrstimas!
  • Avatar for aneasthesia
    Why does this remind me of Last Christmas? In a negative way.
  • Avatar for vickles_
  • Avatar for dhorasoo
    it's one of the songs that make me feel miserably old and miserably miserable, constantly reminding me how I used to be, how I had no idea what might happen in the years to come, what I felt, how I had massive and permanent heartbreaks seven days a week and so on at the age of eighteen. shame on you, you self-loathing bastard.
  • Avatar for heroine-pretend
    Dat accent.
  • Avatar for AssassinErased
    "It's funny how me fucking her about has got me in this fucking mess."
  • Avatar for Own1ngSn1p3r
    My favorite song off the album. I can't stop listening to it.
  • Avatar for fernandampaes
    i can't hear this song without crying.
  • Avatar for Fersifex
    skins ^^
  • Avatar for scotchcrotch
    If you don't know anything about singing- and I refer here to real singing, please consider that to sing certain melodies, hit certain notes, hold said notes, shift octaves, keys, etc. takes a great deal of concentration. Which is why the vast majority of singers in rock and roll aren't really very good singers- they're more or less vocalists who are fronting the band, i.e. entertaining the chicks, etc.. Chris Martin sounded much better singing live when he sat at the piano and focused rather than the rock star trip he does now. Same goes for Brandon Flowers. Personally I'd rather hear the amazing vocal performances of James Allan than see him dance around like a fairy. Tim Booth is about the only singer who can pull it off in my humble opinion.
  • Avatar for toodaloo4no
    seen them live....the lead singer's got as much charisma & personality of an venetian blind!!!
  • Avatar for benj987
    Still gives me goosebumps.
  • Avatar for surfbum76
    very boring live
  • Avatar for SomeOtherGirl76
    Title of this reminds me of an ex../
  • Avatar for Danieustaquio
    Skins3 Season Finale
  • Avatar for Mars1877
    Been there...
  • Avatar for Pammars
  • Avatar for Bralencar
    This is FUCKING brilliant.!!
  • Avatar for DenWeg
    I think that one is my favourite.
  • Avatar for Speirsy94
    Seeing them on wedensday :D
  • Avatar for heavenlysecret
    new album soon ^_^
  • Avatar for adilsafir
    this was played on skins series 3 ep 9 at the end, very emotional tune, perfectly timed.
  • Avatar for recycled0air
    i'm from new zealand but it isn't that hard to figure what he's saying! his accent is amaaazing!
  • Avatar for SeanDS
    I discovered this song and through it, Glasvegas, when it was used in the penultimate episode of the third series of Skins. Phenomenal then, phenomenal now. Love that guitar riff. I understand what he's saying as I'm Scottish but I understand why others won't! You can look up the lyrics if you're interested in what he's saying - it does have meaning behind it.
  • Avatar for BoredOfKanadia
    I love that, being Glasgweian, I know exactly what he's saying. :)
  • Avatar for ethan_pl
  • Avatar for wnc
    what the fuck is this guy saying? doesn't really matter though. great tune regardless.
  • Avatar for Prax_87
    Que vengan a Madrid!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
    Fuckin Brilliant..!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for masterplan19
    Need a little time to wake up wake up
  • Avatar for AndreaVolta
    aw that accent...super song!
  • Avatar for carmie_xz
    Awesome song indeed!
  • Avatar for mikes8449
  • Avatar for Mandacarallo200
    Temazo Que vengan a Madrid
  • Avatar for bushhunter
    cos its getting sung in glaswegian lol..... legend song!!
  • Avatar for culttrash
    I have absolutely no idea what he's saying. Yeah, I like it, anyways.
  • Avatar for whythe60shateus
    its simply wonderful, stunning and makes you cry
  • Avatar for Mandacarallo200
  • Avatar for inconnuelle
  • Avatar for samantha0118
    lol. thes es et thes es et thes es et thes es et
  • Avatar for Mandacarallo200
  • Avatar for goodtoseeyou
    amazing as it is.
  • Avatar for kia_arinna
    Adoro el final de esta canción.
  • Avatar for gutlesswonder
    'It doesnae work, it makes you worse'


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