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  • Avatar for gabrieltoscanov
    new album pls
  • Avatar for NiniusNunius
    Interiors is a complete eargasm
  • Avatar for legacystarship
    Just discovered her. O_O
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    It is such a great soundscape that she operates in. [2]
  • Avatar for spacedmonkeyz
  • Avatar for Joaomob
    Makes Bjork a little likeable.
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    Haven't listened to her in awhile. I have been depriving myself for no good reason.
  • Avatar for flesh08
    Interiors is fantastic.
  • Avatar for jussslic
    I really don't understand why Glasser's acclaim and recognition haven't caught the wave of momentum they deserve. Ring and Interiors are such a strong pair of albums... this stuff speaks to me as strongly as just about anything that's been released since 2010. It is such a great soundscape that she operates in.
  • Avatar for luanmbraghetta
    New Album please
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    She's extremely underrated. [2]
  • Avatar for ShuichiAmyMAD
    Anyone has a link to "T (Slow Death Mix)"?
  • Avatar for WhySoSeriousx
  • Avatar for colorful0
    you should vote for this pic >
  • Avatar for Flux_Tempo
    Solid, pleasant find.
  • Avatar for underduz
  • Avatar for NiniusNunius
    Interesting and unique sounds. Nice find.
  • Avatar for kali_ram
    lovely voice! Deep melodies!
  • Avatar for danwramrich
    There's nothing related to Björk's album Vespertine in her new album. It actually recalls me some of Tujiko Noriko (mostly on a track I can't remember now).
  • Avatar for DiffusionOfTime
    I just found this and I am LOVING what I hear!!! Totally amazing work.
  • Avatar for cobrizo
    yes, i know interiors sounds kinda like björk, but it's better than biophilia or volta tbh
  • Avatar for johnonymous
    Interiors is so perfect. I tend to drift towards Shape the most though, I adore that music video she just put out for it.
  • Avatar for Primitive3D
    She's extremely underrated.
  • Avatar for neckermanncj
    I didn't know Bjork put out a new album this year!
  • Avatar for FuzzyxPickles
  • Avatar for waifs
    the dis mix slays
  • Avatar for Rustune
    giving me shivers
  • Avatar for decruzadam
    Ring and Interiors are amazing.
  • Avatar for AThoS93
    New album is UHmazing! Love the concept
  • Avatar for jussslic
    Gosh, I'm such a fan of hers. She really does sound a bit like Bjork on this new album, but it's still unmistakably Glasser. I can't stop listening to Forge.
  • Avatar for peaceoutside
    Damn, I really like the new album. It's really different from Ring (which I really like as well). If I heard the new album without knowing who it was by, I'd probably think it was from a new artist.
  • Avatar for AntiCoff21
    Love the new album
  • Avatar for RafaelDivoz
  • Avatar for heartdelay
    i think interiors is ok
  • Avatar for jnatario
    Shape is amazing
  • Avatar for erinmschultz
    yes! yeah!
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    Really really love Interiors. Still ringing with solid Glasser magic.
  • Avatar for wosseh
    i'm not sure how i feel about concept albums. i really like the idea but i think interiors lacks the magic that ring had
  • Avatar for ijolism
    she is so underrated<3
  • Avatar for jmanzo2009
    Otherwise Interiors is great, not sure I'm liking it as much as Ring though.
  • Avatar for jmanzo2009
    Window I & III have way too much potential to have been limited to 2 minutes. It's kind of infuriating to listen to those 2.
  • Avatar for musicalex
    Seriously Cameron, how'd you do this again :)? Very unique, energizing and lovely album, congrats and thanks!
  • Avatar for scomatsho
    New one reminds me of Vespertine in places.
  • Avatar for eucaine
    Interiors is fabulous. And the video for "Design" is a trip.
  • Avatar for BlackIcicles
    "interiors" is SOLID!
  • Avatar for playgr0undtwist
    Yeah, much more consistent than Ring. Though without a jaw-droppingly good sing like Apply. (not that it matters)
  • Avatar for matdreamspeaker
    Much stronger album Glasser - and I say that loving your first! Keep it up!
  • Avatar for cobrizo
    You can listen to the new album here: It's pretty amazing
  • Avatar for acelluloid
    I'm really enjoying the new albums. Some songs feel like growers and I don't really care for Windows I-III but other tracks are instantly stand out like Shape, Design, Landscape, Keam Theme, Exposure, Dissect, New Year and Divide. I kinda miss the whole African sounds on Apply but the new album is still wonderful.


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