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  • Avatar for Poffe60
    obeskrivligt vackra låtar.
  • Avatar for Koshaker
    Чудесные ребята.
  • Avatar for BTsGraveland
    So after years of only knowing the Italian band, I decided to check out the folk band and it's very cool stuff. The addition of a didgeridoo is a very strange choice, but even more strangely it actually works really well.
  • Avatar for littletofu
    Чёт последнее время по скандинавскому фолку упоролся. Эти господа доставляют больше всех
  • Avatar for eshrey
    ахуе группа ))
  • Avatar for padavanGreg
    They're so good as are tje similiar artists, don't know which of bands the_last_user depicts as bad.
  • Avatar for the-last-user
    Surprisingly good compared to the similar artists. Some of their darker works are closer to bands like Wardruna and Tenhi.
  • Avatar for SorenAlexShuya
    I Riden Så is so marvelous..
  • Avatar for MaidenTek
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
  • Avatar for Mai_Invincible
    Why so capitalized!? Somebody fix this!
  • Avatar for Orquito
    Awesome folk!
  • Avatar for prkhrv
    DMITRII_GHETTO, и ещё pagan black из Украины и viking metal из Италии.
  • Avatar for DMITRII_GHETTO
    есть ещё, кстати, pagan black группа из моего родного города, единственная, кстати, в жанре pagan metal.
  • Avatar for MrChimney
    Their website has been destroyed :( Bugger. I hope they can get a new one soon enough.
  • Avatar for Lautiripse
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for XevildollX
    Konungadöttrarna is AWESOME!!! ^^
  • Avatar for Nekanna
    Their music is beautiful !
  • Avatar for SanjaAleksova
    Awesome music!!!
  • Avatar for haneysephna
  • Avatar for SamuraiRui
    I was searching for this awesome band and at first i got this: -_-
  • Avatar for BTsGraveland
    Italian Gjallarhorn is pretty good, not quite as good as almighty DoomSword though.
  • Avatar for gleana
    great band, I like itttttt... greetings from Venezuela :)..!!!
  • Avatar for LucieNiemela
    Like some new northern acoustic pop from finland?
  • Avatar for firlejklub
    Візьми участь у конкурсі для українських музичних гуртів та виграй концертний тур Польщею! Ми шукаємо творчого підходу до музики, а не якогось конкретного стилю. Якщо Ви виконуєте folk, hip-hop, metal чи jazz, а своїми ідеями ви виходите за традиційні музичні стандарти, то це, безумовно, Ваш шанс! На заявки чекаємо до 27 червня 2011 року. Більше про конкурс Neuro Music можете прочитати тут:
  • Avatar for XevildollX
    The Finnish/Swedish Gjallarhorn is... AWESOME!!! <3
  • Avatar for satyr1237
    2 Beer_beer_mary it's a totally different kinds of music
  • Avatar for vaughnvhalen
    }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ Fantastic !!! }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ Sends Me}{}{}{}{
  • Avatar for xgeorgx
    dolphin calling is great!
  • Avatar for Mariaanit
    Suvetar - fantastic.
  • Avatar for Diotor
    nordheim is a guilty pleasure for how silly italians singing about viking mythology is
  • Avatar for vickplesskott
    I love this kind of music
  • Avatar for TheNordicKing
    could anyone translate the lyrics of I Riden Så... and send me the results? I'd be eternally grateful! thx in advance ;)
  • Avatar for littlebluewings
  • Avatar for Ninettezinha
  • Avatar for Didohotep
    Simply amazing!
  • Avatar for music-o-maniac
    "Suvetar" is such a fantastic song, even though I don't understand a word the vocalist sings ^^
  • Avatar for Violet__Evileye
    The Italian Viking Band is kind of awesome, but now I'm curious to hear the Finnish/Swedish popular band too :)
  • Avatar for badasPL
  • Avatar for PiterStrandhogg
    Nordheim is great!
  • Avatar for sonicdruid
    Another mystical project to check out:
  • Avatar for xgeorgx
    cool stuff!
  • Avatar for kotohime
    @squigbobble maybe they are trying to tell you someting!! You might should become a metal listener^^
  • Avatar for Amanda_IX
    Very good!
  • Avatar for xxweirdwonderxx
    The metal Gjallarhorn is nice! lol, originally I was suppose to listen to the folk rock band but I'll to it later.
  • Avatar for symbyosys
    Both the folk band AND the metal band are unreal. Some of the best folk and Bathory worship I've heard! The folk singer's incredible voice reminds me of Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance...
  • Avatar for Rctus
    finnish gjallarhorn is one of the best things that this ears heard.
  • Avatar for jimctu
    finnish gjallarhorn ftw! =}
  • Avatar for Kerros
    The Italian Gjallarhorn slays. Straight Bathory worship done right. Nordheim is an awesome album.
  • Avatar for squigbobble
    Shit. I wanted the folk music, not the fucking metal. Seriously how many metal bands are there these days? It feels like every artist page I visit there is at least one metal band with the same name. Frightening.


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