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  • Avatar for MachineOfaDream
    For some reason corrects my scrobbles to "GIVERS" (in all caps), then redirrects me to "Givers" when I click on them. So, I had it right, or not?
  • Avatar for karmapolice41
    Honestly, the new album is boring and a huge disappointment. I think In Light is one of the best albums I've ever heard, and they decided to completely change everything about their sound. No idea why. I don't hear a single song on the new album that compares to anything on In Light. Here's hoping they return to their old sound and don't take 4 years to release an album this time.
  • Avatar for LlamaSexToy
    New Kingdom is pretty good
  • Avatar for zimdelinvasor
    nooooooocheeeeeee naaaaaadaaaa From nowhere near Lafayette here.
  • Avatar for hashtagbluejay
    I remember when these guys first formed and were only known by everybody around the Lafayette area, and now they've gotten more well known which is pretty awesome. Now if only they would release a new album...
  • Avatar for ericksantospp
    come back, bitches </3 ♥
  • Avatar for CagedElephants
    They really need a new album and tour that had some major momentum after in light and they need to continue that with some new material like at least an EP or something [2]
  • Avatar for karmapolice41
    They really need a new album and tour that had some major momentum after in light and they need to continue that with some new material like at least an EP or something
  • Avatar for karmapolice41
    i hate when people say the album is over produced. A lot of production does not necessarily mean "over produced", especially when the production is so well done and works so well for their style of music. I just recently listened to the EP for the first time, much less production on it, and while it's good it just sounds like they werent reaching their full potential, like the songs were not all the way there. The production on "In Light" is absolutely fantastic and just adds to the already brilliant songs and just gives them so many layers and ambiance. It has given this band a very specific sound, similar to Animal Collective but more melody-concentrated and more pop oriented. VIva GIVERS i am so ready for some new stuff.
  • Avatar for Ponsikk
    1488 lol
  • Avatar for Snooz
    First impression: Very reminicent of Dirty Projectors, and I like it!
  • Avatar for jameskeane09
    it's a pity that the album is so over-produced, i'll take their live performances over their recordings anyday. i mean they started as a jam band, really wish the record would reflect that.
  • Avatar for ericksantospp
    Just discovered this band. Immediately fell in love 4
  • Avatar for No1SuperBrianMo
    Just discovered this band. Immediately fell in love [3] Though I have listened to the Glee cover of Up Up Up, the original is better!
  • Avatar for she_shines92
    Just discovered this band. Immediately fell in love [2]
  • Avatar for Fullmettall
    Windows 8 *-*
  • Avatar for CompostBucket
    I love your music, coming to San Francisco area soon?!?! <3
  • Avatar for SimoneBerlioz
    i love them.
  • Avatar for ericksantospp
  • Avatar for karmapolice41
    Just discovered this band. Immediately fell in love
  • Avatar for saltyknuckles
    Featured on SaltyKnuckles #01 -
  • Avatar for c0rdell
    i'm going to be obsessed with this band for a while
  • Avatar for shineslikegold
    so excited about this band.
  • Avatar for allimacika
    I'm a top listener, do I get a special treat <3 Also, thank you for propelling me through finals week.
  • Avatar for Fintelligent
    Давалки что ли?
  • Avatar for dwispto
    fifa 12
  • Avatar for NewBornFml
    just saw them via coachella stream. pretty amazing.
  • Avatar for tylerstravis
    Thanks coachella streaming!!!
  • Avatar for psynumb
    The band did. Anyway, I'd have to thank glee for introducing me to them, cool band..
  • Avatar for m-saIami
  • Avatar for GorsebSambardo
    Never heard them before yesterday... Needless to say, I'll be hearing a lot more of them now. Great opener for Dr. Dog
  • Avatar for kingofklang
    good stufffffff!!!!!!! please come down to malaysia!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for yosoypatrick
    Do let me know if you're coming to Britain at any point, "Atlantic" is one of the greatest songs of the last ten years IMHO
  • Avatar for lowtonemedia
  • Avatar for Appleshoe
    Loved you guys yesterday at Laneway!
  • Avatar for pepetps
    Indie Pop + Afro-caribbean beat = good mix
  • Avatar for mills5432
    all these songs are good
  • Avatar for damargil
  • Avatar for fonsecap
  • Avatar for terminals
    sooo rad.
  • Avatar for Criznittle
    Givers "In My Eyes" is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: December (2011) Download here: theindierockplaylistdotcom
  • Avatar for stoopid79
    Great pop band, just the tonic for cold toes and headcold...
  • Avatar for monotonous15
    Guys did great in Oxford, MS. Atlantic... her voice is phenomenal.
  • Avatar for koolzies
    Met these guys at DeLuna Fest. Chill, humble, and fantastic people.
  • Avatar for clevergirlooooo
    Fellow Louisiana Artist. Garage Pop. Free Mp3's
  • Avatar for please-me
    It remembers me of Friendly Fires a little bit.
  • Avatar for SamanthaTMB
    come to LONDON!
  • Avatar for what_happened
    up up up is quite cheesy butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt whatevurrrr liking this band <3
  • Avatar for tec2030
    So glad this band is getting the recognition they deserve, and showing what the Lafayette music scene has to offer at the same time! :)
  • Avatar for Suteeki
    new love. <3


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