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  • Reminds me of Sonic Youth like 'Cross the Breeze or something
  • WOMAN!!! (yes, in my Wolfmother voice. f the haters)
  • kyuss
  • wolfmother is pretty lame in comparison so stop it
  • This song is way too badass.
  • what the fuck
  • this is Wolfmother.....
  • Chris Owens, lead singer of Girls, is in the new Spring 2012 issue of Bullett Magazine! Check it out!!
  • ahaha yeah I guess it is pretty reminiscent of Wolfmother in one regard... but the outro is sweet as
  • Stoner Rock back to the mighty Sabbath!
  • deep purple and pink floyd met girls, awesomw!
  • The breakdown into panflute calls back to mind (oddly) Jethro Tull. What?? That, ladies and gentlemen, was comparison to a shitty band number seven hundred and three.
  • this song is fucking amazing
  • \m/ (v_______v) \m/
  • This song is absolutely insane. It goes through like, 3 different parts. I fucking love it.
  • The Deep Purple part is awesome, but the Floyd-y / Crimson-y outro is second rate.
  • Nobody gonna take my car, I'm gonna race it to the ground. Nobody gonna beat my car, it's gonna break the speed of sound.
  • yeah, that riff has Wolfmother written all over it.
  • A little of noise... YEAH! :D
  • Wish I could fav just the last 2 minutes of this song. Not that the rest is bad or anything.
  • the song titles resonates to all those who compare this to shitty bands
  • fucking shrrred
  • this one KILLED IT in seattle last night. gandamn.
  • did someone seriously compare this to fucking muse [2]
  • Great song !!! First time I hear it and it really reminds me Pink Floyd and some of the guitar play make me think of The Smashing Pumpkins too...
  • I'm so fucking hard right now!- after this i'm playing some ATHEIST and Morbid Angel
  • fuck yes. \m/
  • Knights of Cydonia anyone? Not that that's a bad thing in the slightest.
  • Borrows from many: King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple,... reminds me of Black Mountain's "70's-up-to-date"
  • sup Wolfmother
  • The end goes all King Crimson and shit. Cool.
  • did someone seriously compare this to fucking muse
  • god i fucking hate muse so much
  • this came out of the blue. It certainly does borrow from deep purple quite a bit, and gets a bit Floyd-y in the middle. Not sure what to make of this at all.
  • Black Sabbath
  • Love it
  • Agreed - I raced here to say Highway Star - not disappointed to see others feel the same. Still - a fantastic track.
  • Reminds me of Focus. more bands should sound like Focus though I never expected it to be this band.
  • holy fuck so amazing
  • it'd be amazing to see this live
  • did someone seriously compare this to Muse??
  • Highway Star of Cydonia
  • nobody's gonna take my car
  • This sounds more like Woman by Wolfmother more than anything else...
  • i was thinking about highway star (Deep purple) as well
  • omg how amazing
  • prog
  • their worst song
  • i find that life's a lot easier pretending this doesn't exist.
  • fuck yeahhhh


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