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  • Avatar for DerOsterOekkel
    Freak in the morning, freak in the evening, ain't no other freak like me that's breathing
  • Avatar for pinkertom
    Hands down the worst Girls Aloud song. It's not just bad, it's terrible. And it's the only thing stopping Tangled Up from being perfect from beginning to end.
  • Avatar for diablos901
    the instrumental from 1:28 - 1:45 is awesome! [2] That's my favorite part of the song :)
  • Avatar for rinistiltskin
    Don't want relationships, so swing baby, swing baby~
  • Avatar for Renan_HD
    the instrumental from 1:28 - 1:45 is awesome!
  • Avatar for daiiane_
  • Avatar for Charlieedward60
    nice song
  • Avatar for TheDressingRoom
  • Avatar for Cirrusfain
    I used to love this song, but I find it really annoying now >_> [2] But I love the "Come give me lovin', kinky style~" line. :P
  • Avatar for Kimm1
    just a bit of ding-a-ling baby, bling baby
  • Avatar for alunacid
    LOVE IT :)
  • Avatar for PipeCik
    So come closer to me, 'Cause I wanna feel the heat ♪♪ ;D
  • Avatar for Unremixable
    it;s just a Fling baby .. Fling baby :)
  • Avatar for Haggis16
    Love this. Tangled up is there best album, by far.
  • Avatar for coniglioccCX
    ciao a tutti come va?
  • Avatar for akpoland
    my favourite on tangled up [2]
  • Avatar for Shorty5
    I used to love this song, but I find it really annoying now >_>
  • Avatar for Liojgu
  • Avatar for pink_ego_box
    this song is proper hot!
  • Avatar for DJMorpheme
    This is great stuff.
  • Avatar for DJMorpheme
    Yes. This is pop at it's very best.
  • Avatar for alisenr
    the tour performance was fucking fierce
  • Avatar for clowezra
    so fucking hot. Love raving to this at parties.
  • Avatar for idiotsdream
    It's Spice-Girls-like in a 'Spice Up Your Life' kind of way.I think i see what JustAKayee means.
  • Avatar for nikolefilan
    great song
  • Avatar for alisenr
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    That goes out to you, too, tomstar86, lol. Didn't see your comment when i posted my last shout. I'm with you on one thing, Girls Aloud's music is of a much higher quality than the Spice Girls ever was. =)
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    Oh and dannyboy77, it sounds EXACTLY like something the Spice Girls would have done back in the day. Don't let personal taste cloud your musical vision, lol. Can you seriously not hear anything of them in this?
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    Aw, the lyrics let it down, but the song itself is hot.
  • Avatar for dannyboy77
    A real 'grower' - hated it when album came out - NOW LOVE IT!! Brilliant!! How can someone on here compare it to the Spice Cows?! Anything GA has done is 10000 times better than SG. :D
  • Avatar for Xizer
    fling baby fling baby
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    It's very Spice Girls, isn't it?
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
  • Avatar for soccergirl28
    nice fling baby, fling baby
  • Avatar for CipiripY
    Love it!
  • Avatar for KingCloud12
    Best use of 'ding-a-ling' in any song :]
  • Avatar for Renan_HD
    Nothing more than a fling baby, fling baby!
  • Avatar for Rayffle
    crap, this song is stuck in my head...
  • Avatar for shirleebee
    Come give me loving, kinky style. Kimberley always gets the hottest lines.
  • Avatar for Ginevra_Girl
    Def one of my faves! It's so fun! And Nicola sounds amazing on this one! :D
  • Avatar for Suga_rush
    Love it!!
  • Avatar for KingCloud12
    So much fun :D Brilliant!
  • Avatar for Anthony1990
  • Avatar for TheAloud
    One of my faves.... hot hot hot!
  • Avatar for barryob
    Girls Aloud at their best
  • Avatar for tourischeva
    So swing baby, swing baby.
  • Avatar for adirgeforher
    i looove this one
  • Avatar for deathbyglitter
    Okay, ive listened to this more now...and its grown on me and now I quite like it xD
  • Avatar for shirleebee
    the delivery on the choruses is a bit...obtuse. but everything else about it is fabulous
  • Avatar for deathbyglitter
    Eh :\ I dont really like this one... boooo!


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