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  • Avatar for lifeanddecay
    damn I just remember when her nudes leaked on 4chan
  • Avatar for KevinVillage
  • Avatar for Onlywanderer
    "refrigerator masturbation" ahaha
  • Avatar for MrMarukawa
    So cute and so good,amazing girl.Love you<3
  • Avatar for A--E
    не воспринимаю.
  • Avatar for Ipsascientia
    still in love
  • Avatar for drugsmadeater
  • Avatar for Zimmerman333
    Contagioso. Me gusta.
  • Avatar for GOmynci-
    u are so nice ^w^
  • Avatar for Cookie12L
    ' Burning Heat! <33 *-*
  • Avatar for KevinVillage
    friendship is magic
  • Avatar for KevinVillage
    wow guys i am not a troll don't hate me
  • Avatar for Jima_UA
    шикарна .*___*
  • Avatar for DjVictory
  • Avatar for Becsegergely
    hi! Have you ever seen it? :)
  • Avatar for joshuaalfred0
    my girlfriend
  • Avatar for nevershoutlast
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for Matteymaz
    <3 <3
  • Avatar for kokooo_
    *___* <3
  • Avatar for Ipsascientia
    hey, i love you.
  • Avatar for KingLeJosh
    Great music, I love listening to these tunes. :}
  • Avatar for factsmachine
    <3 <3
  • Avatar for RoyStorey
    When my pictures end up on porn sites, that when I know I've made it.
  • Avatar for Nethiros
    oh man, her pictures even ended up on porn sites. wtf man, wtf.
  • Avatar for Absinthe750mL
  • Avatar for xbashingx
    good music and cute girl :3
  • Avatar for darkshirase
    where can i get this? e_e
  • Avatar for xBxTxEx
    Fafi puts out ;]
  • Avatar for NeddX
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for ZombieVillager
    but then again that is probably the case with everyone here. no one would listen to this girl if she wasn't hawt as fux
  • Avatar for ZombieVillager
    okay I confess I don't listen to her music I just fap to her pictures
  • Avatar for xNokix
  • Avatar for QQGonff
    her wish <3
  • Avatar for Davviid
    Shes hawt.
  • Avatar for Glittablitx
    I concur, rushcoil. That's why 8bitcollective is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Pushes people who write music for fun on any platform of 8bit beepiness they can find, and tells them it's not good enough because it's not made on a gameboy/NES/other out of date system.
  • Avatar for rushcoil
    Chiptunes are made on systems that were designed to inspire FUN. I have no idea why so many people take this shit SO effing seriously. I've never seen as much animosity as I have in this "scene," and I am comparing this to exotic car owners, heavy metal musicians and, god, tax attorneys.
  • Avatar for djgizmoe
    Who the fuck cares if she used vstis or an actual Gameboy? (2)
  • Avatar for Glittablitx
    I still make music, for those interested.
  • Avatar for itsjesse
    shes fuckin sexxy
  • Avatar for starletdust
    I'd hit it 4 a nanosecond
  • Avatar for theendofyoutoo
    I'd hit it in a nanosecond. [3]
  • Avatar for xBxTxEx
    Fafi Is A Goddess. CHECK OUT FLASHGIRLS! It's Her New Project ;]
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
    * -*
  • Avatar for Astro-Cannon
    Who the fuck cares if she used vstis or an actual Gameboy? Oh, right, elitist little shits, nvm.
  • Avatar for NiN10Doh
    I'd hit it in a nanosecond. [2]
  • Avatar for phaze424
    sure she's hot, but her music isn't legitimate chiptune music i fucking hate poser chiptune artists
  • Avatar for byronvisiado09
    love you. still
  • Avatar for dalecavese
    thank youuuu. any chance you can make Ruby a download, seems to be the only one I'm missing for some odd reason.
  • Avatar for Mikkepokemon
    ooooh, more downloads, thanks!
  • Avatar for killahtxxx
    I haven't actually listened to this but god damn I'd hit it in a nanosecond.


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