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Girl Talk

Hold Up (2:50)


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  • laffy taffy + dan deacon ftw
  • The Pixies! Yuss!
  • Yea!!}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ Great Mash:":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":"
  • nothing can prepare you for pixies and nas [4]
  • This song is amazing.
  • nothing can prepare you for pixies and nas [3]
  • i like the incorporated austin powers jingle
  • The Untitled Original Track sounds like it's from somewhere, I feel crazy.
  • >my face when pixies & nas.
  • Great Mix :D
  • Like some of y'all, I wish "Untitled Original Track" were an actual song that I could listen to, because it rules.
  • The best song Girl Talk has ever made.
  • nothing can prepare you for pixies and nas [2] into the bass rise. high art.
  • nas/pixies lsjdflskjdlfsjdflsjkdfljfsk
  • holy shit, weezer and pixies. YES.
  • nothing can prepare you for pixies and nas
  • love the addition of where is my mind...and it works great with say it ain't so because they're the same chords
  • i have to close my office door as soon as laffy taffy plays because i uncontrollably must dance my ass off.
  • this is pretty good
  • i LOVE the end of this song.
  • Haha nice mashup.
  • Amazing use of Pixies, It fits so perfectly.
  • He should have used the entire Say It Ain't So guitar riff.
  • the say it ain't so at the end is unreal...
  • i love the pixies/ nas mashup towards the end
  • Girl-Talk at Rothbury
  • The nas bit is so good
  • Love GT. Have seen him twice and it was like a non-stop party with guys in banana costumes shooting toilet paper from guns. FYI if you are in NYC, his tour is stopping for a private show on May 28th. You can only win tickets from Spin and Canon: http://www.spin.com/articles/enter-your-photo-win-tickets-see-girl-talk-and-canon-powershot-digital-camera
  • WOW i wanna be boy talk
  • Wheres the love you all? This piece especially remind me of the danish sensation "The Loft". You gotta dig it.
  • My friends really dig this
  • Gregg Gillis needs to make more original stuff like 1:25. Maybe under a different name to separate it from his mashup work.
  • favorite from night ripper
  • cool
  • LISTEN THE REALLY MASH-UP KING ! ! > > http://www.02l.net/projects/music_set/ganz_de_ville/blue_channel ... or LAST.FM's version> http://www.lastfm.it/music/Ganz+De+Ville/_/Blue+Channel
  • sooooooo good! so far (in my opinion) only e-603 and ludachrist can hold a candle to this.
  • Love the Pixies bit.
  • This song was cool until the sample of "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer. Then the song was pure magic.
  • Massacre of a great song ....
  • yeah!!!! Pixies!
  • Starting a mash with James Taylor - Genius!
  • THE PIXIES!!!!! ahhhh LOVE THIS
  • the transition from hate me now to laffy taffy is one of the best he's done
  • wööw soundzZz göööd!
  • this one started off really slow, but i ended up liking it a lot
  • Best mash-up song ever EVER EVER
  • i second cheesesandwich's comment.
  • it's the pixies - where is my mind.
  • gross
  • what's the name of the original song played along with d4l's laffy taffy?


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