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Night Ripper is the third album by Gregg Gillis, released on Illegal Art in 2006 under the name Girl Talk. It is composed almost entirely of samples taken from other artists' songs, plus minor original material by Gillis. Gillis has stated that the album was created as one long piece of music and then subsequently broken into individual songs.



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  • This album is still so damn good
  • This is good
  • Listening to this for the first time in forever, and it still makes my head spin.
  • To Fistfulofwords I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll start with to compare people who make original works of art from scratch, like Warhol, to what Mr. Gillis does is just insane. Yes, anyone can do what he does, if they invested they same amount of time. Just like any job that doesn't require an education. For instants, my job is Auto Glass installation, while anyone who can do, would take you years to get to the level that I am at, because I have be doing it for, you guessed it, many years. I would call Mr. Gillis no more impressive than the man who decided to add peanut butter to one side of the bread and jelly to the other. Also, to call people "idiots" for having an opinion only shows that you yourself are not open to other opinions. Some of the mixes he makes are really good, but most are hit or miss. Also please note I didn't say your opinion is wrong, I am just disagreeing with you.
  • People who say "I can do what that Girl Talk guy does. It's easy.” prove the universal truth, "Opinions can't be wrong but they can be stupid.” Such statements mirror the sentiment of idiots who stare at a Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock painting and utter, "I could do that." Critics descriptions of the artist have been all over the map. Gillis' work has been categorized as Andy Warhol pop art; post modern; the Baroque period to the Renaissance of mash up music in 2005; MTV nostalgia; and I just referenced Abstract Expressionist painters. So, is there one label that aptly captures Girl Talk's expertly crafted, frenetic, dance worthy, mash up music? Yes, he is an American Colorist with sound. Read the entire essay “What’s in a Label? Classifying Girl Talk Correctly” here: http://www.fistfulofwords.com/2011/04/whats-in-label-classifying-girl-talk.html
  • Check this Out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlX6ClGXtXY - The Death Set
  • I also like it better than Feed the Animals, but that's probably because I like the songs he samples here better than on FTA.
  • this CD is much better then feed the animals
  • the tears of a clown part in warm it up is the best thing ever
  • pincha poca madre ese valedor!

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