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  • I'm looking for a song from girl talk where they used the number from janet jackson ans shaggy mr. lover (ooh boy i love you so never ever gonna let you go). Who know wich song i'm looking for?
  • i am looking for sth similar, any ideas?
  • YESSS! Amazing at Firefly! I'm still covered in glitter and confetti and sweat.
  • omg i luv girl talk
  • Girl Talk is a nazi!
  • like Nazis are to modern civilization is greg gilliis' monster "girl talk" to pop music: few things are within the realm of imagination more heinous and egregiously horrendous...
  • sls
    the All Day choppes & screwed remix is kinda ridonk-funny. Especially the shoutouts and stuff. Something awesome about Greg Gilis and a Swisha House niqqa talking over the track together.
  • Can't wait for his 2012 album
  • Get it Get it!
  • perfect
  • i cant fucking wait to see him saturday good lord it cant come any slower :P
  • He's coming to pittsburgh this saturday but im too damn poor to go. :(
  • I won't lie, my hips started to move on their own
  • Wish I could see him live
  • If you like him check out super mash bros!
  • He's playing a show on my college campus. Fuck yeah.
  • my friend took that photo: http://www.lastfm.fr/music/Girl+Talk/+images/75053524
  • This guy is a fucking god. Nothing more to say [2]
  • Hope there's a new album this year, probably will be, but I still hope.
  • Shut the Club Down!!!111oenoen
  • This guy is a fucking god. Nothing more to say
  • check out this crazy set Girl talk played at the Melbourne big day out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01EIBrmOMOQ
  • see u saturday in melbs!
  • happiness comes in the form of Girl Talk.
  • nah 2 many dj's are better mashupers
  • Lights All Night
  • Seeing him on New Years Eve as the clock turns midnight might be one of the greatest moments of my life.
  • best mashup artist! [3]
  • Help me get famous: http://soundcloud.com/chuimusic
  • Secret Diary is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • best mashup artist! [2]
  • girl talk is so shit he has to get people to get on the stage to dance to mask his shitness lolol. [2]
  • amazing!
  • HEY EVERYONE! WATCH THIS: http://www.girlwalkallday.com/watch-the-film/ </notspam>
  • girl talk is so shit he has to get people to get on the stage to dance to mask his shitness lolol.
  • Set it off = sick tune
  • Swag.
  • I wish they scrobbled all artists when we listen to his songs! lol
  • Mash-Up King!
  • where should i start?
  • que juvenil :)
  • I adore Girl Talk, I'd recommend anyone who loves him to watch "RiP: A remix Manifesto" It's free to download so just google it. It's about mash-up music and the injustice of it all but Gregg features heavily in it, he seems like a really nice guy and it's evident just how much he is potentially sacrificing to give us the music he does.
  • His music, it soothesuh muh soul.
  • I agree with the comment before last.. come back to central florida please ):
  • Just listened to Girl Talk for the first time. . . that was mind-blowing. I love all music, and it was so weird to hear some of the combinations, but it worked amazingly.
  • please come back to central florida :(
  • Genius.
  • нормуль


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