• Old favorites

    20 Mar 2006, 23:04 by johannp

    It's always rewarding to go back to old favorite albums after not having listened to them for a while, you're reminded of just how nice your favorite bits of organized sound are. Recently I've been listening to Pizzicato Five's Bossa Nova 2001 quite a lot. I do think this is one of P5's greatest albums, though I would be very hard pressed to say which is the best. I also feel Romantique 96 and Playboy & Playgirl reward repeated listening a lot.

    As usually is the case, all of these albums have very distinct feels - Bossa Nova 2001 explores Bacharach-ish pop in deep and interesting ways, Romantique 96 is a bit, could I say baroque? and Playboy & Playgirl is the dark side of pop, perhaps a bit like 90% cocoa chocolate.

    I've also been going back to the origins of disco, listening to some Giorgio Moroder tracks. His album E=MC2 is perhaps the quintessential one, showing off all his talents; I'm particularly hooked on the songs Baby Blue and If You Weren't Afraid. …