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  • Avatar for pearlayd
    we miss you, Lil Sebastian [2]
  • Avatar for VictorAlisson
    Bates Motel <3
  • Avatar for SlashMyGod
    we miss you, Lil Sebastian
  • Avatar for girlindeath
    i guess i would watch pony dance of tatum till the end of my life:) <3 tatum <3
  • Avatar for 2487
  • Avatar for jimdnierste
    Classic! Still play this when I'm rollin' in my VW Golf-3 cabrio with my rooftop down at Scheveningen boulevard
  • Avatar for ilariM
    Channing Tatum [4]
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    so hot lol
  • Avatar for Pyramid-Doffy
    One of the best beats by Timbaland
  • Avatar for annadmakeeva
    One of the best tracks ever written by Timbaland
  • Avatar for kissmylips22
    Come and JUMP on IT!!!!
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    DEEUUGHH. DEEUUGHHH DEEUUGHHH DEEUUGHHH (woop!) That was me putting this beat into words. Thank you.
  • Avatar for Asienka31
  • Avatar for x_TMMC
    LMFAOOOO. vvvvv
  • Avatar for ChaceNicole
    I can't believe I used to sing this when I was ten years old..... Had no idea what I was singing, of course, lol...
  • Avatar for ThirstLight
    ALL DAY and NIGHT............................MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  • Avatar for missthugpassion
  • Avatar for myakelly
    i get wet every time i listen this song :D
  • Avatar for ffnsase
    Yes, Channing Tatum did that damn thang! Where is Ginuiwine at now?
  • Avatar for Crabroast22
    I haven't heard this song in ageeees ♥
  • Avatar for apexgirl
    Channing Tatum worked his off to this song on Magic Mike!
  • Avatar for stairway2dalvee
    MY CHILDHOOD :) and Channing Tatum of course ;)
  • Avatar for jinglynnbabee
    bbsweet -'these lyrics are offensive!' ---- Ginuwine could have offended me 24/7 when this came out! LOL!
  • Avatar for p-each
    Channing Tatum [3]
  • Avatar for MizzToksic
    I love this song!! Its one of my guilty pleasures
  • Avatar for nikko00
    "peeping your steelo" the "daria" tag
  • Avatar for charihottie
    Sexy song, might throw this on for hubby tonite ;)
  • Avatar for occhic
    *Winding and grinding to this in her chair whilst sat in the library* :)
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    one of the best mixes i've ever heard. whether on a club system or an iphone, it still cuts through perfectly
  • Avatar for Niccole-G-75
    This song is just straight out nasty but I LOVE IT!
  • Avatar for MydasT
    Whenever i hear this song now I think if Channing Tatum's solo in Magic Mike. Yummy!
  • Avatar for BBQwiththeduke
    Cool cartoon loops.
  • Avatar for Harel2010
    LOL i randomly got into this guy's page and now i recognise this from rihanna's song Jump XD
  • Avatar for AndraArro
    Ok Rihanna has brought this one back to life on her new album, and it's just as Baaaaaad!!!! Check out "Jump!"
  • Avatar for bb2sweet
    these lyrics are offensive!
  • Avatar for ChaceNicole
    Peepin' yo steelo. LOL.
  • Avatar for liljessiejay
    love this old song:)) old memorise
  • Avatar for Lictoria_London
    simple beautiful and very sexy i love this song
  • Avatar for MarqesLoud
    this sound make into deeper emotion for dancers and dreamers...I L.O.V.E. I.T.
  • Avatar for rtqn
  • Avatar for rumor
    Channing Tatum. Oh yes.
  • Avatar for BANKY1979
  • Avatar for Vallyre
    This was the jam back in the day....Nice!!!
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    550 music...
  • Avatar for circusliberty
    This track was so tough still knocks
  • Avatar for hary2000
    Old school never die
  • Avatar for dopedoll100
  • Avatar for jerzset2
    omg memories..
  • Avatar for jasminder82
    This song is addictive but so shitty at the same time
  • Avatar for jazzycuz
    mmmmmmm! I can say the same come and jump


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