• Skivspisarklubben: session report 2006-12-10

    29 Dec 2006, 16:25 by jPeMelin

    and Gustaf

    We had a late (beginning at 1 pm), 8 hour breakfast with bacon, scrambled eggs and beans, tea, cheese, marmalade, salami, fruits and small marzipan santas (which we bit the heads of in the traditional way and threw the rest over our shoulders, except for Gustaf who missed and accidently ate the body).

    The Music:
    suneolle played a chronological history of John Cale solo recordings by audience request. Noone knew his solo works particulary well so there was a lot of uncertain choices and I really do not remember any other tracks than Child's Christmas in Wales, Praetorian Underground and Smalltown which was a finale bonus.

    jPeMelin played a secret theme as follows:
    Sofa (with Marc Boland) from You Can't Do That On Stage Any More 2