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  • Avatar for JJMPB
    the band of heathens
  • Avatar for buffy1965
    'I wanna do right, but not right now...'
  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    Do Right Woman (Do Right Man).
  • Avatar for salenagodden
  • Avatar for Eye_Gore
    some people only have taste for music that looks good....haha! (2)
  • Avatar for theosieben
    saw her twice here in europe, really beautiful concerts!
  • Avatar for HorstKrannich
    ein supersong
  • Avatar for out-of-stepXXX
    fuckin´ great!! not bad lookin´ as well (hihi)...!!
  • Avatar for huntress85
    some people only have taste for music that looks good....haha!
  • Avatar for kecoughtan
    Beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and makes beautiful music to boot. Some people are just so shallow. You know who you are Rev.
  • Avatar for olde-school
    Her voice stops me in my tracks every time.
  • Avatar for elefuntboy
    'I wanna do right, but not right now...'
  • Avatar for Drazba
    some of her photos remind me of my mom in her younger days-although my mom could never sing this well(that i can remember)
  • Avatar for Ada_Doom
    Whats all this about her looks? You're perfectly entitled to your opinion but there's no need to make comments like that. If you'd like to hear mine: I've always thought she's very beautiful, but that's about as relevant to this incredible piece of art as saying she makes nice lasagne. I love this song, for some reason it usually pops into my head when I'm frightened of all the nuts speeding around me on the M62 in the mornings. Its very powerful but calm, like a victorian hymn.
  • Avatar for billbrady
    oooooooooffff.....from ear to heart
  • Avatar for RichKR
    Love it!
  • Avatar for duffcooper
    great stuff
  • Avatar for bobpepper
    Ms. Ohio
  • Avatar for millman59
    this is very nice after a day in the shop
  • Avatar for gliddiard
    Beautiful song. Makes me think of good'ol me the procrastinator.
  • Avatar for EskimoPenguin
    It does matter... but you know, she looks better than everyone else when you look at her face and her best sounds float in to your face... and look at the blank non-representation on a model's face and think "is that what I thought 'good' was supposed to always be?"
  • Avatar for SoundgardenmadA
    @brentsmith500... why does it even matter what she looks like you're hearing her voice
  • Avatar for oisin26
    It doesn't matter what she looks like brentsmith500.
  • Avatar for Seaox
    I luv to hear this chik sing and play guitar
  • Avatar for brentsmith500
    I wish that she looked better. her music is great though
  • Avatar for dusseux
    ja lecker! lecker !
  • Avatar for Musikfreak1000
    ein wunderschöner Song
  • Avatar for KaylaSoul
    Chapter of life... mine! =) <3
  • Avatar for DAGRAY
  • Avatar for jaegerian
    @walkertxkitty: Maybe you've just never known a beautiful, but good christian girl who got in trouble for her own damn actions. Maybe them lyrics just ain't for you right now. Maybe one day you'll get 'em.
  • Avatar for walkertxkitty
    I like the acoustic sounds in this track, but the words have to have meaning for me and this one just doesn't resonate. Gillian Welch has far better tracks to offer utilizing the same great music in the background but with better song lyrics.
  • Avatar for tihsymtae
    If you have an eclectic taste in music and you like swapping mix "tapes", consider joining [url=]this[/url] group.
  • Avatar for Fadeinto1
    i wanna do right but not right now
  • Avatar for mld03c
    Love the resonator. Smoky Mountain Style Blues.
  • Avatar for inmate1571
    I hear this once and its in my head for ages afterwards. Beautiful tune.
  • Avatar for sonictao
    great tune
  • Avatar for thedarkpoet61
  • Avatar for cjackb
    oh me oh my
  • Avatar for Sannati
  • Avatar for Tabbedout
    This song is already a classic! Stunning!
  • Avatar for jeffscholtes
    I'm in love
  • Avatar for gruntsob1
    equei nox fift floo4 pleez.
  • Avatar for beeticklish
    Running around with the rag-top down..
  • Avatar for DAGRAY
  • Avatar for mt1836
    What a great tune. Can't get it out of my head. EVER. It's said that there are certain chord progressions, or tunes, or rhythms, that are universal. I think this could fit that category, because it isn't really my kind ot song. Running around with the ragtop down. me-oh, my-oh.
  • Avatar for roussien
    prend aux tripes
  • Avatar for breathaliser
    wry lyrics good pickin'
  • Avatar for kirbychrome
    This song has been trapped in my head for days now. Beautiful, classic and goosebump inducing.
  • Avatar for Johnte1
    Coooooooool......! ;-)
  • Avatar for gymshorts99
    right on


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