• My top 10 of the most depressing fucking songs I've ever heard.

    6 Mar 2011, 22:45 by BaqumFM

    My journal has been empty for a while so I figured I need to write something here. So here it goes, my very own list of depressing as fuck songs. They're chosen by either the lyrics or the melodies. Sometimes both. Many people probably won't agree with me or understand but hey, it's my list, not yours.

    Slowdive - Ballad Of Sister Sue
    I absolutely fucking love this song. The lyrics aren't particulary depressing but the melody, the fucking melody... Mesmerizes me and then just breaks me.

    Have a Nice Life - Sisyphus
    I think it's the most depressing song by HANL. The quiet beggining progresses into heavy, drony bleakness. Soul-crushing.

    Giles Corey - I'm Going To Do It
    I listened to this song during a very bad time for me emotionally. It reminds me of that time a lot. It's somewhat comforting because it reminds me how warm it made me feel while it was a cold, bleak winter outside.

    Gregor Samsa - Lessening
    Another song that makes me depressed mostly because of the associations I have with it. …