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    ny is killing me what a trackk
  • Avatar for pandabrnd
    goosebump inducing
  • Avatar for emergingsynergy
    Been lovin' Gil Scott-Heron for a long time, since the days of "The Last Poets." He has a beautiful voice and a musically creative mind.... And this is a new discovery for me... Rare, to me! :) Love the affect and the effect. ;)
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Had no idea this was a thing, awesome!
  • Avatar for crstnmnd
    In very nice! hea!!
  • Avatar for Noxatron
  • Avatar for BRNRDN
    thank u jamie
  • Avatar for nonviolent
    Simply amazing. Superb.
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    That was dope ass collabo album.
  • Avatar for Manthas
  • Avatar for magda_p
  • Avatar for pedro__182
    this is awesome.
  • Avatar for girlpuke
    This album is awesome!
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  • Avatar for M83J01P97
    @kele_simone: jamie xx has mentioned older Gil Scott-Heron tracks he was remixing before Heron passed away, so 'more' of this project isn't as far fetched as you might think.
  • Avatar for kele_simone
    I'm just sitting here laughing at people asking for more
  • Avatar for sugarfreeq
    this is awesome :X
  • Avatar for majcia7161
    More more more i need more
  • Avatar for nacht_vogel
    ill take care of u is dope as fuck
  • Avatar for Dosva
    "Great stuff. Kind of like Burial with Gil's voice above it. I like it." <-----hahaha What?! There really isn't much in common between Burial and Jamie's production. They both create some really interesting music (I would certainly say Burial's is significantly more interesting) however there isn't much similar when it comes to composition, the writing and production of the rhythms, the atmospheres of the songs, the mixing and overall production of the songs themselves, you won't find a whole lot they share. Sorry.
  • Avatar for roseelle
    Gil was a very interesting man.
  • Avatar for broblands
    AMAZING [2]
  • Avatar for Makanashk
    good job
  • Avatar for gruenichiller
  • Avatar for allanvcandido
    Ya, how?
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
  • Avatar for vickiitaylor
    more please
  • Avatar for benharris16
    Jamie xx is an incredible human being
  • Avatar for PowerFlame
    Amazing for 2-6 AM
  • Avatar for Aero26
  • Avatar for electrobaboon
    Great stuff. Kind of like Burial with Gil's voice above it. I like it.
  • Avatar for nothsonles
    not enough wubs
  • Avatar for DJ_SERIC
  • Avatar for hazbarney
    Some of Jamie's best work.
  • Avatar for lourini
    wow! wow!
  • Avatar for Jess_In_Chains
    Vivió una vida muy agitada Gilbert Scott-Heron, el “Padrino del rap”
  • Avatar for bronthide
    its not brostep
  • Avatar for callcollectplz
    I like.
  • Avatar for ParentheticStep
    Glad you got to hear this album before passing.
  • Avatar for Cordett
    whers the drop???
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
  • Avatar for MIKutuzov
    no worries tokyo. you seem alright. In fact I'm determined to have another listen to Drake in the new future, I'm sure he's worth more listens.
  • Avatar for MIKutuzov
    heh, I just realised I'm arguing with a 15yo. * tuneyards: yeah, I'm a big fan. It's a shame I missed out on catching her in Sydney earlier this year. * I find Pitchfork to be a bit on the wanky side so avoid them, but they're pushing good music (including Drake I'm fairly certain), so I'm sure they're not all that bad * For someone so young, I think Jamie XX has some serious talent. How this compares with Drake's left pinky, I'll let you be the judge. I'm sure Drake is a talented guy, I just can't stand his music. Given I like one type of music and not the other, I have a bias. Subjectivity is a beautiful thing * I couldn't care how popular one artist is compared to another. I'm not sure how it could, unless you somehow equate popularity with talent. In my experience, this is something you might want to avoid
  • Avatar for MIKutuzov
    By "these dudes" are you including the late Gil Scott-Heron? Srsly? You'd never have heard of him? You need some musical education sir. Now if you'd said few would have heard of Jamie XX unless he attached his name to a late great, then perhaps you'd have a point, though The XX (of which Jamie XX is a member) are, kinda, y'know... popular
  • Avatar for master-pony
    wunderbare musik und zugleich kunst !
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
    james blake does suck
  • Avatar for MIKutuzov
    Dubstep doesn't necessarily suck. Just look at the excellent music that sits on the fringes of the genre: Various Productions, Burial, Shackleton, James Blake, 2562, etc.
  • Avatar for dorka021
    This isn't even close to dubstep. For shame people
  • Avatar for Fabiiha
    didn't this have 1 million plays? or am i just hallucinating??


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