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Saturday 12 January 2013
Hit 'n Run Soundsystem: 5 Years
Collision, Legion, Stormtrooper, Manic, Ghost in the Machine, Capslock, Thrasher, RinseConcert
Zaandam, Netherlands

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Sunday 17 February 2013
Aces Load'd
Ghost in the Machine, At first glance, Too Cold for Spiders, Autumn Of Apologies, Lucid ExistenceConcert
Club 906
Liberty, MO, United States
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Wednesday 27 March 2013
Golden State
Ghost in the Machine, Cost Of DesireConcert
Columbia, MO, United States
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Friday 17 May 2013
Big Ass Rock Festival
Texas Hippie Coalition, Mystery, Obsidian, Ghost in the Machine, Gypsy Pistoleros, Isaac James, Ragdoll, RhymeFestival
The Walters Ranch
Lincoln, MO, United States
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Thursday 23 May 2013
Nine Left Dead
Ghost in the Machine, Another Lost Year, AdaleneConcert
Fort Wayne IN, United States
41.132042 -85.100598
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Friday 24 May 2013
Diecast, Endo, Primer 55, Boy Hits Car, Dive, Slaves on Dope, Seraphim, Ghost in the MachineFestival
The Naughty Donkey / Orleans Raceway
Belding, United States
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The Naughty Donkey Festival
Slaves on Dope, Diecast, Endo, Primer 55, Boy Hits Car, Dive, Allele, Throw The FightFestival
Orleans Raceway
Belding, MI, United States
43.097488 -85.379503
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Sunday 26 May 2013
Bobaflex, Royal Bliss, The Dreaming, Lynam, Ghost in the Machine, Logos, Isaac James, Another Lost YearFestival
Fort Madison, IA, United States
40.65245 -91.316911
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Saturday 13 July 2013
A2 Festival
(həd) p.e., Taproot, Mushroomhead, The Agonist, Endo, Primer 55, Psychostick, Green JellÿFestival
Washtenaw Farm Council
Ann Arbor, Detroit, United States
42.212067 -83.794632

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