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Imagine a world where dinosaurs roam through unfiltered imaginations
like so many forgotten dreams of revealed bias and reality. With Daniel Johnston sensibilities juxtaposed with garage punk and a little Butthole Surfers, Pittsburgh transplant Ghost Hospital
creeps around Tampa Bay singing songs and playing guitar. Electric,
acoustic, with a band, solo, short songs, feedback freakouts and always
with a sense of humor, Ghost Hospital surfs the underground and pops up
where ever the twin evils of regret and shame need to be battled back
into their crusty caves and neurotic hosts.
Since moving to Florida,
Ghost Hospital has played as far south as Miami and Orlando, while
normally sticking around St Pete Tampa area. "Don't do what your mom
says/ You'll end up just like your dad/ Don't do what your dad says/
You'll end up with regret/Oh yeah…" he croons from behind guitar
playing born of some Greg Ginn-punk John Fogerty-Americana love child not recognized by the United Nations or Pitchfork Media.Constantly raising issues of bias, heritage, regret, drugs and
dinosaurs, Ghost Hospital poigniantly comments on the American youth
experience of the late 90s and early 00s. Ripped away from imagination
by surrogate television families, the youth find out too late how they
have been hoodwinked by oppressive seriousness and overbearing job
markets. Just like D. Boon
said, " Hey mister don't look down on me/(for what I believe in-/I got
my bills and the rent)/I should go pitch a tent/but our land is not
free/so I'll work my youth away/in the place of a machine." If we
relate our biases item by item and reveal cultural biases too ingrained
to ignore (like the GH song Religious Bias in Nursery Rhymes), society's tendency to use language against us completely breaks down at the source!
by Chris Nadeau for Creative Loafing

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