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  • Avatar for sundayborn13
  • Avatar for slay0r
    Amazing melody at the end!
  • Avatar for blucher1
    The ending is orgasmic. [6]
  • Avatar for WhenShadowsDie
    Ohuenno blyad
  • Avatar for MadShooter111
    Beautiful song!
  • Avatar for jippyvinet
  • Avatar for YeezusSuburbia
    The ending is orgasmic. [5]
  • Avatar for yuri_s_a_n
    flawless song, in all aspects
  • Avatar for NickPlaysDeath
    Pretty well.
  • Avatar for Stoeckli
    masterpiece <3
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    The ending is orgasmic. [4]
  • Avatar for Bleifee
    ♥ !!
  • Avatar for Crabroast22
    The ending is orgasmic. [3]
  • Avatar for mindstop
    The ending is orgasmic. [2]
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    Amazing song!
  • Avatar for SuperProfligate
    I had to stop doing my work and just listen for a bit... good stuff.
  • Avatar for Schander
    I can't believe I've never left a shout on this page before. This is one of those tracks that has the potential of putting me in tears. That last bit is beyond any description known to mankind.
  • Avatar for kihotq
    amazing song!
  • Avatar for Vermont_V8
    The ending is orgasmic. Great song.
  • Avatar for Slothalot
    I'm still waiting for someone to get me out of here....Fuckin' accurate track to gauge my life-latitude.
  • Avatar for 76firefly
    great song! like his voice in this one!
  • Avatar for BrownBear1990
    Pretty good.
  • Avatar for Riddlesoftricks
    Do you ever dream about making a difference... this song...
  • Avatar for Reptiel
    Great song, love the end.
  • Avatar for allycious
    i like it =]
  • Avatar for Darkchild666
    I love this one!
  • Avatar for barcisz
  • Avatar for Joe-Wallis
    This is a strong well structured song that you should be proud of. First class. JW TanGenT-TGT
  • Avatar for fatdave55
  • Avatar for jamb-gumb
    Beautiful song.
  • Avatar for Filterone
    great song, great album
  • Avatar for NovocaineJunkie
    The solo on this is really epic.. it's not superfast, or technical. It's very subtle, but it fits so well with the song, the guitar tone is really sweet.
  • Avatar for nightwatch79
    @Kassenus: I agree. I saw them live with Amorphis and Orphaned Land and these 2 songs made the deepest impression ..
  • Avatar for MarcLignarius
    I did cry on this one live :(
  • Avatar for Kassenus
    They do play this song live, and it's even better than on album. When I saw them one year ago, this one and 22:22 Nihil almost brought tears to my eyes.
  • Avatar for theexplodedrage
    anyone else thinks that the vocal in the beginning reminds of red hot chilli peppers vocal ?
  • Avatar for theexplodedrage
    i could even go and see them live if i knew that they play this song
  • Avatar for nightwatch79
  • Avatar for Snougle
    So sad. The end is just amazing. Beautiful song.
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
    wow awesome vocals totally not pop good stuff
  • Avatar for brennemeister
    Love the guitar that seems to effortlessly play a counter in the background. Awesome.
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
    sounds good
  • Avatar for InFlames_NL
    When I saw this song live I knew I had to buy the CD. Best. Choice. Ever. They were the pre-programme for Amorphis, I did not know Ghost Brigade up to then.
  • Avatar for banzzai13
    Not looking for hate or anything but I'm super disappointed by the vocals on this one. I loved the first album, even reminded me of Opeth; now this sounds pop to me... I'll try some more.
  • Avatar for sevenlee7
    Words can't describe the incredibleness!
  • Avatar for Slayer-Ov-Orcs
    My favourite song of theirs
  • Avatar for miotailtmilidh
    My fave song by them!!!!!!
  • Avatar for RoXxXan
    fuckin awesome....
  • Avatar for demonicturtle66
    I love everything about this song
  • Avatar for nightwatch79
    great song and really fantastic last 2 minutes.


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