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  • Cat_007

    love doc score

    July 2014
  • clubhel

    Love his Madness of King George score..

    July 2013
  • woordenaar

    Underrated composer, great music!

    March 2013
  • Irenreinmerdok

    great music

    January 2012
  • irreguliere

    Listening to the Land and Freedom soundtrack right now, absolutely fantastic.

    October 2011

    Planet Earth Live was EPIC!

    July 2010
  • hikarigoyang-i

    Anna and The King~How can I not

    June 2010
  • David_CZ

    Completely beautiful in DEEP BLUE. What an amazing compositions showing the power of the oceans.

    June 2010
  • firedrawndagger

    Anyone know where I can find the OST for the Wind That Shakes the Barley by Fenton? I've only been able to find one track (Damien and Sinead in the Mood) on a VA OST Cannes.

    June 2010
  • Glayfigi

    BBC Life's music is beyond word~is there a possible soundtrack release?

    June 2010
  • UntilYouReform


    June 2010
  • photon_man62

    Where's the love for Planet Earth?

    March 2010
  • AwaitingTheEnd

    I agree, Planet Earth. never heard of Gerorge Fenton but the music is quite good actually !

    November 2009
  • neonlobo

    planet earth <3

    July 2009
  • PippaPatterson

    George Fenton is having his music played by the London Symphony Orchestra on 7th June!

    May 2009
  • wjp4107

    Good day... Please check out the Movie Score Addicts... group. We would be very glad to have you as a member too. Thanks...

    May 2009
  • Colt001

    "Land and freedom" is the best in my opinion!

    April 2009
  • RanDallkMeyer

    hello, old friend. how's life these days? It is good. Yes. Good. peace , health and laughter for you each day. Ran

    December 2008
  • scenecunt

    george fenton did the music for an 80's movie Clockwise starring John Cleese. Anyone know the title of the piece used in the trailer.

    September 2008
  • Ir_Ka

    Привет, ты как здесь?

    August 2008
  • nDroae

    I'm listening to the soundtrack to "A Handful Of Dust," which I've never seen. George Fenton must be the master of wind instruments in soundtrack music! The Blue Planet score got me into him, but I keep seeing him credited in the most random places - Shadowlands, Dangerous Beauty, even You've Got Mail. :-D

    June 2008
  • DMBtheStoned

    Memphis Belle Soundtrack rules!

    July 2007
  • kjdfjkl

    + Mr. Fenton looks like a nice, harmless guy.

    March 2007
  • kjdfjkl


    March 2007
  • TheOnlyPhoenix

    The Planet Earth score is just wow. Fenton rules.

    December 2006