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Gentle Giant

Nothing At All (9:08)


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  • of all the things this song is, my favorite of them all is "Fucking Metal"
  • The opening chord sequence is the same as the one used in the intro of "Stairway", however it is a very common chord sequence. The Beatles used it in "Michelle" before Spirit, Gentle Giant or Led Zeppelin. Nick Drake used it too, in "Fruit Tree." This is a great, haunting song by the way.
  • what a gem, this is just wonderful
  • This song is nothing like Stairway to Heaven. What are people talking about?
  • Wondrous.
  • 5:50 what is happening. lol
  • go gary green!!!!
  • this is a really great unheard of album
  • ....and it makes you wonder (why they never sued the pants off Led Zepplin)
  • Fantastic song from my all time favorite progressive rock band!
  • Yeah, well, suck it Led Zep.
  • Simply Great. I hope my eyars will hear long enough to listen such great music.
  • Ich bin für Gentle Giant einfach zu doof, dafür reicht wohl mein Intellekt nicht! Diese Art von Musik kommt bei mir einfach nicht an!
  • very good song!
  • Ich find es VÖLLIG zum KOTZEN, dass man bei last.fm nur noch 6mal Titel überspringen kann. Reine Schikane. Um mal wieder den Interessen irgendwelcher PARASITEN gerecht zu werden. Einfach EKELHAFT.
  • W-Holeeyyy drumssss
  • This is Groovy
  • Jimmy take it from Taurus by Spirit
  • In the great tradition of ripping off lesser known music Jimmy Page shamelessly ripped off the far lesser known an relatively unhearlded Gentle Giant. The rest as they say is history. I wish I had listened to these guys a little more
  • OMG ! This is beautiful !
  • Great sone I've never heared this one before...
  • wow considering i have every single YES album on vinyl, i cannot believe i never heard of this before!
  • The brilliance of Gentle Giant... no one like them before or since <3
  • The piano/drum interlude at the end of the 6th minute is perfect.
  • Musicians with its virtuoso performances outstripped the musical era. Inspired by the philosophical concepts and personal experience have expanded the boundaries of modern music.
  • OMG..Wow!!!
  • I want to remember all you the LP of Van Der Graaf Generator "H to He", Who am I? The Only One. On this LP there is formula for nuclear fusion as I taught to Vivasvan (the sun) my disciple milions of years ago and 5000 years ago to Arjuna, new disciple because this science of true yoga was lost. I recommend all you to find this LP.
  • surprises all through this outstanding piece of music
  • Wow, I find great stuff in Hippiesilke's library.
  • I believe some of the piano part around 6 minutes contains parts of Liebestraum by Franz Liszt.
  • So I wasn't the only one who thought of Stairway to Heaven.
  • that's the stuff
  • I would most definitly say so, magloken. This has to be the true inspiration to stairway to heaven or it's just an unbelievable coincidence that just one year later there comes a song that sounds so incredible familiar and has somehow similiar lyrics, but it is of course more mainstreamed for the common listener. nonetheless, I like both songs for their individual qualities.
  • To everyone saying it is a ripoff of Stairway to Heaven: You're wrong. Stairway to Heaven was recorded a year later, and is a ripoff of this song.
  • The piano part during the drum solo is somewhat reminiscent of the Letter to Elise, don't you think? (For the beginning, must I say...)
  • awesome track
  • Eso si que es una obra de arte sonora !!! I couldn't have put it better myself.
  • Eso si que es una obra de arte sonora.
  • :))))))))))))
  • gentle giant do love a random piano!great drummin!
  • this is fantastic!
  • they never let you down do they? good ol' gentle giant!,i love advent of panarge!
  • the whole song always reminded me of "stairway of heaven", not only musical, but lyrical too, but of course this song is somehow a hundred times better (only my opinion).
  • "Now that she's gone your looosin' yeeeah hair!!!" Genius.
  • This was released 1970 and Stairway to Heaven 1971... I guess you might have found an interesting case of time-travel, or Led Zeppelin made the rip-off
  • A nice piece spoiled by that unnecessary ripoff of Stairway to Heaven at the end.
  • lame comment.
  • klasse Song
  • great


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