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  • Avatar for lintumies
    I only just found out that Andrew has released a solo album (Ruled by Dreams, 2014)! Have you guys heard it? It's too early for me to say anything about the songs, but it sure feels lovely to hear his voice after all these years. ♥
  • Avatar for o0OOo_oOO0o
    Weather underground is great. [2]
  • Avatar for James_Hartley
    Weather underground is great.
  • Avatar for Zaurier
    singer's voice is magic!!
  • Avatar for please-me
    Now it's a solo singer from X Factor UK too.
  • Avatar for tothepolestar
    sail on suds is such a good album!
  • Avatar for talia_sparkle
    What happened to this band? They were amazing.
  • Avatar for William_Paulhus
    Bonjour à tous les admirateurs de Geneva. La web-radio de est fière de diffuser cette excellente musique dans le cadre de nos listes de lecture Post-Metal. Captez-les tous les jours à 11h00 et 21h00.
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
    Yet another underrated Scottish band...
  • Avatar for Alex8V
    les french ones sont énormes.
  • Avatar for vitreus
    "Sail on Suds" is genuinely awesome.
  • Avatar for masaki871012
    The post-metal band is great.
  • Avatar for karlosmorale
    Geneva also post-rock\post-metal\sludge bnd from France ( ) [2] and it's way much worse. [sorry]
  • Avatar for sowerofhate
    Geneva also post-rock\post-metal\sludge bnd from France ( ) [2] and it's way much better
  • Avatar for evilasa
    @ Profilus: - Pirate killing music? Oh but you're a radio 6 believer. For a start, the band split years ago, ergo 1) won't be recieving much or possibly any royalties from sales and 2) only available to buy albums are remnants from when they were deleted making them nigh on impossible to find. Good bands tour for their money, it's been how the indie scene has worked for the last 30 years. Corporate kiss asses like yourself kill music.
  • Avatar for SergeyACE
    Geneva also post-rock\post-metal\sludge bnd from France ( )
  • Avatar for RedOverWhite
    Have you seen the horizon lately?
  • Avatar for Fake_London
    can anybody upload their albums on the internet??? pm me please. thanks
  • Avatar for Mansun95
    a very very very underrated band
  • Avatar for svania
    Also a prog house artist/producer by this name
  • Avatar for elmsyrups
    Further is one of my favourite albums of all time. Amazing.
  • Avatar for miss_rose
    I was thinking about them the other day, glad Tranquilser is here
  • Avatar for the_clause
    Hey all, please check out my band, let us know what you think, add us to your library etc.!! You might be suprised!!
  • Avatar for JustoJocks
    There's also a New Zealand ska band called Geneva
  • Avatar for istoba
    A lot of singers rely on the high notes for their verse or chorus climaxes. I like how Mr. Montgomery switches it up by making the high notes sound natural, and the low notes into what you end up waiting for.
  • Avatar for jamescfreeman
    Geneva were one of the most special bands in the whole world and I miss them every day. :(
  • Avatar for ROTTERDXM
    There's also a stoner rock band called Geneva.
  • Avatar for lintumies
    I miss them.
  • Avatar for arthousecomplex
    did this guy also perform on the overseer album?
  • Avatar for mariofranck
    Not many classy singers as Montgomery these days...
  • Avatar for ukveebo
    Heard into the blue on holiday in Verona and here I am on Last FM for the first time and its great :)
  • Avatar for teamcooperuk
    Great, brilliant band in their time!
  • Avatar for datura_datura
    The band's vocalist Andrew Montgomery has a new band called St Famous. For those who miss his voice, here's the band's myspace:
  • Avatar for lifesanocean
    pretty devastating
  • Avatar for pushpullpulk
    anyone kind enough to share any album..? have 'em on cassettes years ago.
  • Avatar for wearethesmiths
    ethereal, affecting vocals.
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    have they disbanded ?
  • Avatar for galbi
    I had all but forgotten about this band, but listening to [artist]dredg[/artist]'s El Cielo somehow reminded me of Geneva. Thankfully I still had the album stored somewhere among our old cd rack. Very nice!
  • Avatar for mona_mothma
    Further is one of my favourite albums to date. Perfect music for a candle-lit evening in November. And basically anytime else.
  • Avatar for cremepuff
    good good good band! saw them live a few times - remember a gig at the Venue in Edinburgh - set the place on fire that night!

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