• My interpretation of the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    3 Dec 2006, 17:56 by prog_head

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Full Album Walkthrough

    * (note - this is an interpretation based on listening to the music, reading the lyrics, and reading the textual "music video" to the album in the booklet. IT IS NOT OFFICIAL. It is only an interpretation. Please enjoy.)

    (SIDE 1)

    1)The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - The main protagonist (Rael, a Puerto-Rican punk) exists the subway with a spraycan in his hand. He had just finished tagging the wall, and is currently focusing on avoiding the cops until he can get back to his gang. He continues to walk down Broadway.

    2)Fly on a Windshield - Eventually Rael notices a very dark cloud desending onto the street. It solidifies, forming a wall with reflections of another dimension on it. He looks around but no one else around him even seems to notice it. The wall moves quickly straight for Rael. He turns and runs, but wind blasts into his face, slowing him down. As dust is whipped up into the air, it settles onto Rael's clothing and hardens. …