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Selling England by the Pound

Selling England by the Pound



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  • This album is just unfairly awesome. It's like they were on another planet throughout the creation of this record. Pretty much every song on here is something most artists would give their firstborn to write and record. "Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" is rightly regarded as one of the best songs in all of Prog. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" is both maddeningly catchy and utterly brilliant. "Firth of Fifth"is god-tier and the type of song that works so well that tons of other bands and artists try to copy it for years. "More Fool Me" is just as catchy as "I Know What I Like..." "The Battle of Epping Forest" is one of the boys' best epics. Then you have the closing suite, which is quite good as well. I will agree with Cassandra-Leo that his suggested ordering of the tracks makes the record even better, though.
  • Suggested new listening order: 1. Firth of Fifth, 2. I Know What I Like, 3. More Fool Me, 4. The Battle of Epping Forest, 5. After the Ordeal, 6. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, 7. The Cinema Show, 8. Aisle of Plenty. I think this has even more weight as an album, and the closing suite becomes comparable to, and quite possibly even better than, Supper's Ready. After listening to the album this way I'm more ready than ever to declare this Genesis' finest moment.
  • I only discovered a couple of days ago that Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, The Cinema Show, and Aisle of Plenty were originally conceived as one long track, which explains one of the few things about this album that has always puzzled me, namely that the coda to Dancing seems to build up tension for a resolution that never comes. It was supposed to lead into the intro to The Cinema Show.
  • One of the greatest albums ever surely. ♥
  • Goodness Gracious what a mammoth album. Just pure Genius.
  • Ohrenschmaus- Pardon, it means a delicate ear ::))
  • 1973 was truly an excellent year for prog. This, Tales of Topographic Oceans, Dark Side of the Moon, Brain Salad Surgery, Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Camel, etc.[3] and don't forget "Tubular Bells" and "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" by Wakeman :)
  • I just put this on and I hate it to death
  • My favorite
  • Genesis are sort of cheesy, but I do like this album a lot.

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