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  • Avatar for ahshwebah
    quickly becoming one of my favorite groups of all time. NEED NEW MATERIAL! CUMPARSITA!
  • Avatar for DigiDan
  • Avatar for oasisaint
    can anyone find the lyrics i'd really appreciate it
  • Avatar for aibom
    I listened to their self-titled back in 2007. The plays are still in my library. And here it is 2013 and they're still obscure.
  • Avatar for Inuzini
    still less than 2000 listeners? what a travesty, shugo's so famous these days that it's totally perplexing that gellers aren't getting the attention they deserve. "colorado" is my anthem right now.
  • Avatar for heartdelay
    Amazing, very beatlesque
  • Avatar for ciel-BLeu89
    GUATEMALA <3 .
  • Avatar for leechiahan
    I'm craving for more stuff like 9 Teeth....
  • Avatar for AionNL
    guatemala guatemala, guatemala guatemala oh owakare .o.
  • Avatar for gobblox1
    9 Teeth Picabia is the jam
  • Avatar for fajarajie
    I thought this would be good but not this good.I'm pleasantly surprised :) [2]
  • Avatar for WaywardWinds
    thanks @theredagent
  • Avatar for The_Red_Agent
    Here ya go:
  • Avatar for The_Red_Agent
    Wow, I didn't realize there were under 1000 listeners. I'll up this to my blog sometime soon (link in prof)
  • Avatar for SallyKolchine
    No, but seriously. Does anyone know of any place you can download their self-titled or at least buy it for a decent price? The two URLs previously mentioned for downloading it no longer work.
  • Avatar for thefanste
    The self titled is frokken AMAZING. Hope they put out another album.
  • Avatar for The_Red_Agent
    Fans might also want to check out Chanson Sigeru. Drummer for this band and his solo album #1 Dad (his only that I know of) is pretty nice "noise pop"
  • Avatar for yesmanandy
    oh crap i love zis band
  • Avatar for derstatist
    i want their cd! where is this available? official homepage ( only links to japanese stores where i don't know how to purchase.
  • Avatar for MikeZas
    this band is the best band
  • Avatar for psynumb
    WOW,I thought this would be good (as I love Shugo Tokumaru's music) but not this good.I'm pleasantly surprised :).
  • Avatar for exequies
    Ah, will someone please do me the favor of upping Gellers for me? I tried the downloads offered but they just can't seem to work for me. Crap!
  • Avatar for kero_copy
    and i just know that shugo tokumaru have a band!!! >.<
  • Avatar for kujyou9
    I love song is "M"
  • Avatar for kaskaskas
    shugo...shugo you play dirty with the new guys now, and i really love it!
  • Avatar for Diminuendo_
    These guys are awesome by any standards. I hope they get more recognition stateside like Boredoms did.
  • Avatar for BoringArcade
    Damn fine Jap Surfrock/noise
  • Avatar for BattleforLight
    Surprisingly great and not so jarring and overbearing like most j bands tend to be. Truly a gem.
  • Avatar for Tortov_Roddle is an awesome blog! you can find their album there
  • Avatar for blint123
    Please Some can drop a message where i can find some albums or something from them! PLEASE!!!! Thanks :)
  • Avatar for a100voltsofholt
    took me fukken forever, but found it: message me if that goes down, and ill reup
  • Avatar for loststranger
    uuuu..interesting band
  • Avatar for HerrHerr
    moar plz.
  • Avatar for Diminuendo_
    All I can do is listen to these tracks on MySpace or something, anyone got a torrent or some way to get this? Same thing with Elise, needs to be shipped outside Japan for hard copies.
  • Avatar for tehspambot
    My favorite band! :D
  • Avatar for gyco
    awesome stuff.
  • Avatar for keys323

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