• Pure Reason Revolution have a past (aka side projects)

    1 Apr 2010, 15:29 by zombiesaresmart

    I love this band so much.
    So I'm writing this entry to always keep this info here, so it doesn't get lost.
    It's about side projects they used to have... which are always fun to listen to.

    * Period Pains: Chloë Alper used to sing in a all-female teenager punk band back in the 90s... they were apparently quite well known in the UK. All I know is they have a MySpace with songs here. FUN. And epic Chloë pics.
    * She's also a DJ: "Chloë Ramone". Never seen any video or picture around, though.

    * Gel: a punk rock band with his brother... they released one album: Sparkly Things (it's on the Internet somewhere).
    * He's a DJ too. From Wikipedia "Courtney is involved in the DJ set All Bangers No Mash, with partner "Jack (Knock 'em Dead)", under the pseudonym "Cedo Simplex". He also DJs independently as "KC Blitz". MySpace.

    * This is Eden: MySpace.

    Pure Reason Revolution