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  • Avatar for Silverchain69
    Got smth new like Reminissin' ???
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    excelent contribution in the Neo Ouija
  • Avatar for duchroju
    gejom hehe
  • Avatar for Jafs
    Yep. He totally switched of style but it's groovy wonky idm or something and that works pretty well.
  • Avatar for NeonAbstraction
    HOLY SHIT! New album?!
  • Avatar for radio_kid_a
    fuck, new album is just priceless!! cant stop listening thatshit, good job DUDE
  • Avatar for seniorweiner43
    How have I only just discovered this guy..?!
  • Avatar for liqw33d
  • Avatar for DestroyxElysia
  • Avatar for mambo4dude
    just heard Pure Bristle on the Adult Swim compilation thing and I love it! what release would you recommend getting first?
  • Avatar for Silverchain69
    Where I can get Reminissin' Lyrics???? P.S. Kamal makin funky awesome sound
  • Avatar for rettic
    Luso State has some incredible production.
  • Avatar for hexagonshit
    why isn't autechre in the related artists...
  • Avatar for TehEmoPhag
    Luna is such a huge tune, he's an insanely good producer. Headhunter - Luvdup on the flip. Audio here -
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    enjoyable, but sorry to say i'm not hearing much that sets him apart from his contemporaries.
  • Avatar for mlansman
    Mate. I always forget about this geezer and then rediscover his earth shattering brilliance. I should just get his face tattooed on my chest on something.... or his name, otherwise one day I'd just wake up and be like 'HOLY SHIT WHO THE HELL IS THAT ON MY CHEST'. Spose I'd still be like 'Why the fuck have I got Gieom tattooed on my chest', but at least I could then go and google 'gieom'. Can't really google a face can you.
  • Avatar for sink2thebeat_uk
    Awesome IDM/Dubstep. Yes please mister!
  • Avatar for marekarel
  • Avatar for theleft
    this is some stellar tune
  • Avatar for dembus
    ok it's been 5 days since I've liked it and each day I get more and more impressed ._.
  • Avatar for dembus
    proper material , keep it up mr Geiom
  • Avatar for RichardRedman
    Yeah! IDM and dubstep. Together now :-)
  • Avatar for surgeon
    Geoim ..... Live Mix for my show --------- Electronic Exporations - week 031 ////////// ....... DOWNLOAD this NOW
  • Avatar for xhyperballadx
    Sorry for the following expletives, but. fuck me Island Noise is good. Like someone said IDM married perfectly with Dubstep.
  • Avatar for InKursion
    Island Noise is a solid release, but the more and more I listen to (and grow to love) Sellotape Flowers, the more I secretly resent him for hopping on the dubstep bangwagon. Dubstep is great and all, but so uninspiring compared to idm!
  • Avatar for Hunter-Gatherer
    Island Noise is a great album, fused IDM with dubstep brilliantly. Have to find Sellotape Flowers now.
  • Avatar for ldexterldesign
    it has taken me way too long to find. great 2am music.
  • Avatar for DjLimb
    I only know him from the dubstep stuff, the records great, especially Pheli Nazir good stuff
  • Avatar for naomijade
  • Avatar for chicken_dance
    i think it is not surprising that he turned into dubstep, he always made crashed broken beats with melodic layers. in my opinion, dubstep drum patterns perfectly fit with his music and island noise is the best dubsteo album i've listened so far.
  • Avatar for 66z
    Geiom might have a few releases but he's still one of the few dubstep artists i really like //

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