A Turning Point

16 May 2012 | from

As some of you may know, a year and a half ago I stopped touring to work a full-time job in order to get out of steepening debt and to finally afford the gear that I need to reduce costs on future projects. Thanks to an artist endorsement with the kind folks at Auralex Acoustics, I've finally completed my tracking room, mixing room, and vocal booth. I also recorded a quick Before and After comparison of drums, rhodes, and out-of-tune piano. Note: these drums are not close-mic'ed; I set up two Shure KSM 137 condensor mics (set on "omni") in the middle of the room, about 5 feet away from all 3 instruments. I made sure they were in exactly the same place for the before and after recording.

Now I just have to learn how to play music. 

Tracking Room - before

Tracking Room - after

Mixing Room and Vocal Booth

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