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Gather was an Independent Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore Punk Band. Overtly political radical who were dedicated to spreading their beliefs, which is more than most modern hardcore bands can say for themselves.

“Gather plays a brand of sincere hardcore that I haven’t seen in almost a decade. Their radical politics, vegan straightedge lifestyle, and forward and open support of direct action for Total Liberation, laid…

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  • where is shout?
  • Since October 2012 a straight edge hardcore - bar take place in the "Bunte Kuh" (Berlin/Germany), every fourth friday http://www.facebook.com/liveXstraightXedge http://www.facebook.com/sXe.Tresen
  • nice
  • How drunx gonna learn doe?
  • For example: I am a Vegan..and i used to be the vocalist of a local band,a lot into animal rights..but meat eaters were allowed to our gigs! They was just supposed to listen to what we had to say,because COMUNICATION was our intent,our goal. I made people change their ideas,and not only about eatin meat/dairy,just talkin with them,showin them stuff...for shure not beatin them up! I'm not sayin violence is always wrong,but what she did (IF she actlually did it) is really fucked up! On so many levels! fuck this kind of fascistic hardline attitude! I really hope that's just a stupid rumors since i have/had so much respect for this band and i would be sad to lose it.
  • I was goin to write something as " i wish every band that define themself as Hardcore would have their kind of attitude and spirit"..then i've read about their singer beatin up a guy with a (baseball,i guess) bat just because he was drunk at their show...i generally don't care about rumors,i don't take them as real.....but if this one it's true (and her motivation for beatin him up was just that he drank alchol and not something serious) then i really disagree with that kind of behaviour. And not only because i DO drink alchol. Yeah,i'm not a sXe (altough i do have respect for sXe people and sometimes i think about makin that choice myself,it's just not for me right now,in this moment of my life,get what i mean?) but i listen to this band..and i do it mostly because of their socio-political and pro-animal rights and nature contents. But beatin up someone because he drank alchol is not about the real sXe culture,is something for fuckin HARDLINE SHITHEADS.
  • "animals deserve rights, not women"
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/211488468958287/ http://www.lastfm.pl/group/Anarcho-primitivism Join, and unite, this band is great.
  • You're clever drumaboy.
  • go eat some meat

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