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  • Avatar for krystufekrobin
    ...listening to his music should be compulsory.
  • Avatar for weird5cience
    If whoever composed the PS2 bootup theme started making ambient music, it would sound like "Pop 3" by Gas
  • Avatar for LedDivision
    Official music of my study hours
  • Avatar for kali-semisha
    master dub
  • Avatar for afogar
    dancing softly in my sleep
  • Avatar for EishunK
    "Best dressed man in techno"
  • Avatar for memristor
    pretty easy to understand tomlinson
  • Avatar for Tuntury
  • Avatar for waifs
    more often in the mood for 0095
  • Avatar for tomlinson666
    i'm pissing at that comment. "he wrings out fresh notes from even the wettest of rags" wtf does that mean
  • Avatar for hydra_fm
    golden electronic
  • Avatar for p_o_l_i_s_w_a_g
    v avant teen
  • Avatar for Hallshaster
    This little dipster is a foolish, old ghoul with a penchant for prancing on ring pops, yet he still wrings out fresh notes from even the wettest of rags.
  • Avatar for Bambimannen
    You can download the whole "Nah und Fern"-box in lossless quality here, for a price:
  • Avatar for Nekrovoor
  • Avatar for Blaine_The_Mono
    Germans know how to make some proper electronic music
  • Avatar for dewg0ng
    get soulseek or somethin
  • Avatar for EliaSingsMiFaMi
    can't find a decent link for pop. any help?
  • Avatar for bantha_fodder_
    Königsforst track six, for example.
  • Avatar for bantha_fodder_
    Nothing, in any medium, for me, evokes a similar feeling to the ecstatic vorspiel to Wagner's "Das Rheingold" like Voigt's GAS project. Gorgeous.
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    [url=]New pictures...[/url]
  • Avatar for p_o_l_i_s_w_a_g
    late at night i play gas and light some incense x)
  • Avatar for SimonWoerner
    Zauberberg=Masterpiece [4]
  • Avatar for Ali-Red
    Simply beautiful.
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    Zauberberg and Königsforst, transcendental stuff...
  • Avatar for yourdadsbff
    Zauberberg is the most beautiful electronic music album I've ever heard. The woods beckon....
  • Avatar for found_life
    Hi guys. Winter is coming in cold Russia. // // (Lo-Fi, IDM, Ambient, Breakbeat) Reinvolved - Soul-searching - 2014 //
  • Avatar for m1a100
    So minimalist that hurts.
  • Avatar for Xhi
    wow, dense and deep albums. awesome.
  • Avatar for wiseblood-
    Let the Gas FLOW!
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
  • Avatar for IV_VV_IV_VV_VII
    I think my favorite song is "Untitled"
  • Avatar for livingwithope
    Zauberberg=Masterpiece [3]
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    Zauberberg=Masterpiece [2]
  • Avatar for white_lemur
  • Avatar for s25jwnzgg7Aei4v
    Beautiful just beautiful!
  • Avatar for mk741
    "Drug music" Organic music would be a more fitting description. Or nature music.
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Gloriously billowing galaxy or star cluster
  • Avatar for jaydenfranklin
    Isn't it nice that something such as this exists in this world? Isn't it kind?
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    There are definitely some remnants of Mirage in Konigsforst, thank you for that parallel.
  • Avatar for jasonm911
    anyone who likes Gas - microscopic should also want to listen to something from Klaus Schulze. for starters I recommend: Mirage, Timewind, Farscape [1] i want to listen to gas
  • Avatar for neckermanncj
    I feel like an idiot for not discovering Gas sooner
  • Avatar for Luhwah
  • Avatar for Tranceroute
    Microscopic - unbelievable masterpiece!!!
  • Avatar for rootandthorn
    @erichass - Tim Hecker, Biosphere, Stars of the Lid, Eluvium, Troum...
  • Avatar for slowdevine
    keep floatin'
  • Avatar for twoecond
    aphex twin
  • Avatar for cube-
    erichass, check out anything by loscil, 'winterreise' by atom tm, anything by celer & machinefabriek
  • Avatar for rootandthorn
    "getting me through my undergraduate degree. thank you wolfgang" - accurate.
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    This project is one of the best things ever.


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