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  • Avatar for r-iman
  • Avatar for lxlmandudelxl
    dat 3rd chorus key change
  • Avatar for TylerWard-
    This track is way too overproduced. It would be so much better if it were just Garth and an acoustic guitar. I almost wish I hadn't listened to this now, because it ruins the memory I had of this song from when I was a little kid.
  • Avatar for countryrebel51
    LOVED this whole album!!! Played it a lot for a good while when it came out. My nieces grew to like it too. My nephew lied when he said he liked it just to shut me up. Well, you can't convince everyone.
  • Avatar for pinkbuick
    Garth never recorded a bad song. I even loved the Chris Gaines album!
  • Avatar for garyallan62
    Garth is one of the greatest countryartist.
  • Avatar for aikakone
    What a truly fantastic song. Very uplifting.
  • Avatar for Bandit17C
    Garth is so awesome.
  • Avatar for r-iman
    what a great song we all can relate to.
  • Avatar for supermediadave
    sailing is always good.
  • Avatar for Spainismyman
    His songs truly touch the heart <33
  • Avatar for KKsdaddy
    Great song. The Dance will always be my all time favorite song period. Hope he makes a comeback soon.
  • Avatar for Leuchtenburg1
    Great song.....
  • Avatar for ckbando
    songs are not only for ears but they mean a lot to my eyes. what lyrics.
  • Avatar for Thomse_BER
    A gem - like many of Garth's songs...
  • Avatar for linkntinks
    I will always think of my father when I listen to Garth :) I love you daddy ;0) ur baby girl, jo-marie mmmuah!!!
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    a lost favorite, found again
  • Avatar for tricky2killz89
    garth for president i'd vote him all day ........that would be phenomonal
  • Avatar for scribbler532
    Beautiful song, and an even more beautiful message for those who care to hear it.
  • Avatar for mybestmusic
    Wonderful Song ! An old favourite ! Love it !
  • Avatar for pergo45
    Sail that Vessel!
  • Avatar for lindakerr
    what a gr8 song just love it minds me off someone i used too know in the navy
  • Avatar for christianbill
    very good
  • Avatar for wushiqiang
    感觉很舒服 顶了! 我爱乡村乐
  • Avatar for surfinggal
    Garth has said that if a million people say they love him & one person says "you suck", that is the comment that sticks............
  • Avatar for aikakone
    One of my favorite songs ever! It's so inspiring, and the musicianship on this song is awesome. I hear little fun touches like harmonics on the guitar. What craftsmanship!
  • Avatar for MentalLogic
    We must stay on our journey and grow and learn along each step of the way. Some claim to know what this journey we call life is all about. I don't believe anyone truly does. The best we can do is to do good and treat our earth and one another with kindness. In the end all that matters is that we continue the journey through both good time and bad.
  • Avatar for rockbabs
    Great song!
  • Avatar for rayacsan
    me parece muy bonita la musica de garth broobks
  • Avatar for mybestmusic
    I love this song ! One of his best !
  • Avatar for bayo3345
    Miss his music. Hope he will come back like he use to be.
  • Avatar for grandad66
    Don't think too long about a comeback, Garth
  • Avatar for masterbizz
    Very nice!
  • Avatar for marcy50
    This is so beautiful,,I love it!
  • Avatar for mandylou1982
    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for LJV3081
    the king of country!!
  • Avatar for creepyspider
    Wonderful song, so relaxing.
  • Avatar for okclbates
    You can't go wrong with Garth!!!
  • Avatar for dluuu
    the best song from garth
  • Avatar for moniafelicani
    sei un grande !!!
  • Avatar for ditta007
    beautiful.....i love it...
  • Avatar for cosmas
    I love this song. It brings me to my roots.
  • Avatar for CountryRox
    Love it!
  • Avatar for tabascomad
  • Avatar for audy16
    It is so truthful and preety!!! I loved it!!!
  • Avatar for dmhirsch
    Great song
  • Avatar for Iowbelaclexa369
    very inspirational

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