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  • Avatar for kitkat582000
    dang ...u r fantastic....great talent.. love the lyrics... xoxo
  • Avatar for WLDB
    I wish he'd play somewhere other than Vegas in the near future.
  • Avatar for Florence101
    The sooner this man gets touring agai the better!!! his concert in dublin looked static when he was here!! i will do ANYTHING to get tickets to see him!!! BRILLIANT!!! <3 The River <3
  • Avatar for xKornflakesx
    This man is truly a legend.
  • Avatar for HeyDAy-
    Love iT !!!!
  • Avatar for Concert_photos
    Photos from Garth Brooks' benefit concert series in Nashville - now up at Concert Photos Magazine -
  • Avatar for CountryChickee
    I’m spreading the word about a contest on Lifetime's website to win a guitar signed by Garth Brooks! All you have to do is register and the contest is free! December 17, 2010 is the last day to enter. Here’s the link: Awesome, right? Good luck!
  • Avatar for GHELIX
    only 4,3 mln ? come on people...
  • Avatar for teddy_elizabat
  • Avatar for SoulSisterz
    If tomorrow never comes and Friends in low places! Loved listening to it ever since I was little!
  • Avatar for petercove
  • Avatar for Salonni
    If Tomorrow Never Comes <3
  • Avatar for xPyros
  • Avatar for denwers
    Tell me who bought 120 millions his albums ?
  • Avatar for BloodoftheKing
    spook_6 thats a pretty ignorant claim there!
  • Avatar for spook_6
    The only country artist I like is Garth... maybe its because he has music talent unlike the rest of them... well Iove him
  • Avatar for SoapMagic
    Yeah, it is pretty funny that the man who's a sacred household name on farms and in barns across America only has about 3.7 million plays. But Lady Gaga is still awesome. [2] Can't you people think of anyone else to bash besides the Gaga?
  • Avatar for IanCat87
    Yeah, it is pretty funny that the man who's a sacred household name on farms and in barns across America only has about 3.7 million plays. But Lady Gaga is still awesome.
  • Avatar for empjori
    Funny how this best-selling 90's artist has only 3,7 milion plays here. Anyway he's great.
  • Avatar for numberoneoppa
    Probably the most influential artist over my life. I can relate to his music like nobody else's.
  • Avatar for Thomse_BER
    Not only an amazing musician, a great personality, too! I am almost depressed I never had a chance to see one him live.
  • Avatar for mrpaul01
    One of the few country artists I can stand to listen to.
  • Avatar for MattKlomp1
    Any Dixie Chicks fans out there? Just wanted to let you know about Emily and Martie's new band, Court Yard Hounds. The album doesn't come out until May but you can find some info about the band here- AND here: That Court Yard Hounds is sounding really great. The album doesn't come out until May but you can download 4 of the new songs if you pre-order. Definitely recommend everyone check it out!
  • Avatar for Salonni
    If Tomorrow Never Comes <3
  • Avatar for bambadinka
    what a great music... T.Raven was here...
  • Avatar for mensenjh
    Whenever my 4 year old son hears his music he shouts: "truck music!" <he likes it> He always requests "truck music" to be played in the car.
  • Avatar for anjouzarin
    really distinctive voice.
  • Avatar for OldGrayPuppet
    I living with his voice. I'm thankful Garth, your voice impressed my life!
  • Avatar for pokerlist
    Garth Brooks rhymes with bad ace mother trucker.
  • Avatar for donaldnorrisjr
    Best of luck during the New Year. Check out my online stores at,, and The stores are full of awesome products I created, such as clothes, mugs, bumper stickers, tote bags, and lots of other cool stuff. Thanks for the support and good luck with everything. Your friend, Donald Norris, Jr.
  • Avatar for kaplan06
    Happy and merry and new year . :) for 2010 please listen me songs :) ♪ ♫* .merry christmas. *♫ ♪
  • Avatar for GHELIX
    only 3,2 mln scrob? come on people :)
  • Avatar for scribbler532
    Gotta say, Garth is one of my favorites. And The Red Strokes? Most amazing song there is, was, and will be, period.
  • Avatar for A9999A
    get your shit kickers and start electric slide'n' !
  • Avatar for LycorisLaramie
    Words cannot express how much I love this man. His music was the soundtrack of my childhood. :)
  • Avatar for Vggamegod
    i am a metal-head, however i must Garth is an amazing musician :D
  • Avatar for davidn87
    Comeback - Weyhey! Only in the US - LOAD OF CRAP!
  • Avatar for chente922
    I'm not a big fan of country music but must say that If Tomorrow Never Comes is an amazing song, many artists have performed it therefor but it cannot be compared with the original
  • Avatar for Cow-boy06
    Il est domnage qu'il ne fasse plus de concert !!! Snif
  • Avatar for Pucktweety
  • Avatar for SmilinSkullRing
    More Than A Memory and I Don't Have to Wonder. <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for BinhoSublime
    Muito Bom,'
  • Avatar for GHELIX
    only 2mln ?
  • Avatar for RainbowEP
    His wife pwns his ass when it comes to music.
  • Avatar for Ushiroyubi
    i'll admit i hadn't listened to him in quite a while... but WOW.. there must have a lot of people who've done the same.
  • Avatar for coalhouse_
    Yaaay Garth! :D
  • Avatar for thegreatabnorm
    I've been a fan of Garth since his first album and hope that he will return to the studios one day for more.
  • Avatar for GHELIX
    he should have more listenings for sure
  • Avatar for randalmi
    Garth + 90s makes for great times rolling down memory lane. Love his music!
  • Avatar for JigsawXXXX
    With songs like "The Storm" and "Bellua Wood", this is a great artist. I like his unpopular stuff more than his singles though. "Pushing Up Daises"


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