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  • i'm remember "the tostachi"
  • <3 <3 <3
  • re bueno este tema me encanta , estridente y refinado .....¡¡¡¡I LIKE ME SONG VERY VERY MUSH ^^!!!!
  • Géniale =)
  • my father is garbageman
  • Aw Garbage... :) amazing
  • popó con caramelo
  • there's something about Shirley's voice in this song that totally tears me apart.
  • and still you call me co-dependent...somehow you lay the blame on me...
  • i miss Garbageeee
  • i love this!
  • Very nice.
  • temazo
  • обожаю этот трек
  • Forse la mia traccia preferita, di un album spettacolare! Peccato che con il tempo si stiano bruciando....
  • Shirley Manson is me hero
  • DPM
  • so good *-*
  • still awesome after ten years
  • hot.
  • I absolutely love it... it builds up so perfectly... love the lyrics and contrast of vocals throughout the song
  • <3
  • One of my anthems.
  • A definite thumbs up from me. A beautiful song with a classic opening line.
  • wow <3
  • foex, there is NO substitution for face to face contact!
  • somebody gets me out of here!!! should meet some friends, but hearing songs like this, it's hard to leave.
  • whoa!! wicked song! :)
  • tearing at myself!
  • This is so...familiar.
  • I dislike this song. Its the ONLY song I skip on Version 2.0 It just totally kills an otherwise perfect album.
  • I don't like it...
  • Indeed.
  • One of the best fucking songs ever..no question about it.


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