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  • Avatar for spessoto
    Damn, I love this. My favorite song ever.
  • Avatar for ShadowolfIncubi
    very Jesus & Mary Chain + My Bloody Valentine =3
  • Avatar for rvg1990
    Garbage shoegaze! :D
  • Avatar for p13xforever
    "I still get you, do you still get me?" Love, love, love this song - totally captures a mood for me - hope they try playing it live one day....
  • Avatar for ScarlettDuBois
    My Blood Valentine, anyone?
  • Avatar for hardtostroke
    Underrated song, the best on NYKOP
  • Avatar for spessoto
    they're only feelings! lololololol
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    they're only feelings, baby
  • Avatar for thazi
    Sure you felt something...
  • Avatar for TriggerLucy
    Great song to drive to.
  • Avatar for armanndo
    Felt <3
  • Avatar for Bozfly
    More My Bloody Valentine than Curve, but I hear a little bit of Doppelganger in there : )
  • Avatar for Rud-Johns
    Very Curve-ish [2]
  • Avatar for darcyx
    Garbage calling on Jesus and Mary Chain. Love it!!! <3
  • Avatar for nickinoo
    Very shoegaze, ace!
  • Avatar for h3nryx86
    Reminds me of 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins a little bit :) Very 90's! [2] Exactly!
  • Avatar for matey_73
    Reminds me of 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins a little bit :) Very 90's!
  • Avatar for Asutoro
    Very Curve-ish
  • Avatar for p13xforever
    adore the melody another great song off the record
  • Avatar for intheskywd68
    my clear favourite of the album after several listens.
  • Avatar for paranoid1
    This song is sick, love the guitars and Shirley's ethereal voice
  • Avatar for Pauli_
    Wow, this is is Garbage at its most shoegaze I have ever heard. And I friggin love it!
  • Avatar for vcontrol
    my favorite <3
  • Avatar for thazi
    it sounds like a soundtrack. Lovely!
  • Avatar for thazi
    I think this song isn't weak when you are listening at night when you are driving your car
  • Avatar for JamesJupiter
    Ohlololololol [2] Love this one!
  • Avatar for NicoleYeh
    very fresh sound for them ! really nice !
  • Avatar for h3nryx86
    They’re only feelings baby...they’re only feelings ♪
  • Avatar for SuperExtraLost
  • Avatar for diogoxara
    channelling Curve once again. Nice one.
  • Avatar for RocketBoyRandal
    Weakest for me, at least at first listen.
  • Avatar for HumanNatureBoy
    One of the best on NYKOP
  • Avatar for LinstantX
    Music reminds me a 'Ray of light' *_*
  • Avatar for PabloRH
    Those guitars at 0:44 reminds me of The Velvet Underground, I don't know why :O
  • Avatar for enzo5
    love the 90s
  • Avatar for YControl755
    One of my favorites off NYKOP. An obvious tribute to the shoegaze sound, and a very good one! For some reason I really like when she does that weird little vocal thing ("lololololo") at the end, haha
  • Avatar for Bozfly
    Is nobody familiar with My Bloody Valentine? This is one of the best off NYKOP fo sho.
  • Avatar for bandoleer
    Best song on this album. I wish they would release an entire album of material akin to this song + "Queer" + "Bleed Like Me" + "So Like a Rose".
  • Avatar for h3nryx86
    I love this is so relaxing, and I agree with PabloRH and liebheart!
  • Avatar for liebheart
    who the hell gives a crap listen to that fucking bassline! i'm in lovee
  • Avatar for PabloRH
    Not as weak as J-Dreamer says ;D
  • Avatar for J-Dreamer
    As weak as NYKOP, and that's pretty weak.
  • Avatar for distortedguest
    It does have a bit of a shoegaze vibe, doesn't it? I like!
  • Avatar for thailon_5
    Love at first listen.
  • Avatar for alin1
    "Felt" reminds me a bit of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.
  • Avatar for alin1
    Fantastic song!

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