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  • Avatar for Xmatheus
    Raynha do beautifulgarbage
  • Avatar for Carneiro_
    Sexy as hell!
  • Avatar for kalian
    This sounds sexy
  • Avatar for Candyscar
    A scrub is a boy that thinks he's fine
  • Avatar for issuestheskirts
    Ace of Garbase
  • Avatar for Vadim_Val
    what's up with her voice?
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    Worth is for the bridge after the second chorus alone
  • Avatar for desifix12
    I love this song!
  • Avatar for phbair
    Miss you, Shirley!
  • Avatar for drinkyourjuice
    This is a Great, Fantastic song, but the rest is Garbage in my opinion, sorry!
  • Avatar for bander_az
  • Avatar for handcuter
    Personally my favorite!
  • Avatar for alk3mizt
    Love it!!
  • Avatar for gottadoit77
    this song is just cool!!!
  • Avatar for cutedeadgal
    such a dumb catchy pop song. can't stop listening.
  • Avatar for crazyreckless
    Love this song!
  • Avatar for timeforachance
    this sound like fucking Ace Of Base
  • Avatar for tardisgirl71
    Great track. Shirley Manson is amazing!
  • Avatar for TheBlankPage
    i'll free your mind and your androgyny
  • Avatar for kali_ram
    great music! Loved this song and the video from the start. Garbage music is to be treasured!
  • Avatar for thazi
    it sounds like 90s. That's why I like it and lyrics are ...great
  • Avatar for Amosccc12
    it's ok.
  • Avatar for RonSATCS
    I like this song but not this particular rendition of it...
  • Avatar for mechanicallover
    I didn't recognize that this was Garbage! I love it though, ♥ androgyny!
  • Avatar for abandonedamanda
    i love this song...i love androgyny
  • Avatar for Saranella
  • Avatar for YiN5
    I love it but Cherry Lips should've been the lead single, then Shut Your Mouth [2]
  • Avatar for roguesch0lar
    This is garbage.
  • Avatar for EvilAishling
    Boys in the girls room, Girls in the mens room...
  • Avatar for vocm10
    I'll free your mind
  • Avatar for ringwraith10
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for ValeryBlack21
    Сколько воспоминаний....
  • Avatar for BrokenRazorwire
    im an androgyne. so its my hymn.
  • Avatar for ultimatedhani
    I love it but Cherry Lips should've been the lead single, then Shut Your Mouth
  • Avatar for Amig186
    Must be my least favorite Garbage ever, along with "When I Grow Up"
  • Avatar for dubonvin
    i really love this song.. but it's so different form their norm
  • Avatar for TriggerLucy
    Its not a bad song, but something about this whole album made me go off Garbage for a while.
  • Avatar for oldskis
    what what!!
  • Avatar for justcallmeD
    sexy, funky, techo, new age wave crazy= Garbage is one in a million
  • Avatar for amanda248
  • Avatar for gsm007g
    Love Garbage.........Shirley Manson ...Beauty & the Beasts ...Butch Vig,Steve Marker..................BeatifulGarbage....
  • Avatar for vocm10
    androgyny is a mix of masculine and feminine characteristics
  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    This is pretty ace.
  • Avatar for fanatka_rox
    nice song
  • Avatar for Mikepatton16
    It's terrible!!!
  • Avatar for kokokulek
    What mean "Androgyny"? I'm not sure
  • Avatar for docmoneygrip
    I love Garbage. Shirley Manson is a brilliant singer and totally hawt!!!
  • Avatar for MrPaddy
  • Avatar for Sunshine9908
    how the hell did this come up when im on Radiohead radio.
  • Avatar for CARmakazie
    I don't really like Garbage, but this song is pretty good =)


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