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Gang of Four

Not Great Men (3:11)


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  • excellent! so groovy
  • This has a really nice groove, plus those crunchy guitars... Love it !
  • This version sucks
  • @Kirchhofallee: Yeah, but there is no reason to understand this like some "behind every great man there is a great woman" shit either, right? (Guessing that you're German.)
  • schönen gruß an lowo
  • Best GOF track, bar none.
  • is this from ghostbusters? "It's not Peter Brinkman!"
  • Oh god, this version is absolutely phenomenal. Is this live? I hope so, man.
  • as always fantastic
  • definite yup!
  • great band, great song
  • What a brilliant great live band
  • Will listen to this sound, till I die
  • Need. This. Album.
  • too....much....bass...so heavy..... *dies*
  • From an era when British rock bands were inventive [2] What's happened?
  • From an era when British rock bands were inventive
  • This live version is amazing. Where can I get it?
  • Meh.
  • "Though the poor will never rule, they'll always have that guitar screaming that they should." I was with you up until this. That's way too pessimistic
  • Remember they had a great To Hell With Poverty t-shirt with Marilyn Monroe on the front. Wasn't Michael Hutchence a big fan?
  • A dagger aimed at the heart of the Great Man theory of history, and the cri de coeur of the social historian. This may be the finest of rock song about historiography. (If there are others out there, I'd sure like to hear them.) To me, this song clarifies how to listen to the rest of the album. With the guitar assault held in check more than usual and the rhythm section clearly anchoring the song, it's a sort of explanatory template for the other songs. Everything flows around the rhythm section; nothing else ever locks into a groove we can follow through the song. Nevertheless, when it does appear, Gill's guitar dominates. All the passion and urgency flow out of its assault: his playing throws out spiteful metallic shards demanding your attention. When need be, the guitar steps in to get the damn point across--just in case King's matter-of-fact theoretical declarations didn't do it for you. Though the poor will never rule, they'll always have that guitar screaming that they should.
  • La band piu' sottovalutata ed ignorata degli anni 80. E meno male. Solo per pochi!
  • crappy version! where is the version of Entertainment?!?!?!
  • I heart Go4
  • yessssss
  • Check out the version on [album artist=gang of four]Return the Gift[/album] -- if you haven't already; it rocks!
  • yup
  • oh, that bassline. so, good.
  • Incisive lyrics, rhythm section tight as you can imagine and Gill's fractured guitar over the top. Every track on the 'Entertainment!' album is colossal and this is no exception.
  • sweet=]
  • Saw them on a litle later on bbc hd the other night.. had the stereo cranked up brilliant energy still... great
  • damn good...
  • woot woot GANG OF FOUR
  • Copycats will always attempt to emulate GOF, but there is only, one GOF.
  • This song is a reference to the [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_man_theory]"Great Man Theory"[/url] of history. It posits that history is, rather than the theory suggests, made by the forces of the masses, and the people who work among and are a part of them. All Power To The People.
  • cpooley - they're from leeds, uk.
  • ..great bass line>>> *♫♪ ♫♪ ♥♥♥
  • Wow, Where are these live versions coming from? The site is listing the album as Entertainment but I don't know of a release that includes these tracks. What a great version of this song. Reminds me of seeing them at Rutgers university in like 81 or so ish?
  • Excellent Album
  • cool!!!!!
  • NICE live version.
  • where is gang of four from?
  • I agree ,in fact shit rollers name sums it up,I hate it when somebody comes across an old classic they dont know and assume they have stolen it from the likes of Franz Ferdinand who are also shit has beens.
  • The intro owns me.
  • 2
  • really, really
  • hummm really good!!!


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