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  • Avatar for mx1000
  • Avatar for xLiax
    Sick. But I love it !
  • Avatar for mystichosis
    Almost ruins the album [2]
  • Avatar for ilovemia11
    sounds a lot like die antwoord
  • Avatar for TescoSwabs
    ""almost ruins the album" i hope you choke to death on your own stupidity." - I echo his sentiments, but unlike him, I'm not kidding, I really hope you do choke.
  • Avatar for Timppa2000
  • Avatar for HyperMuffin
    oh shit-
  • Avatar for lullingly
    oh shit yes, gang gang
  • Avatar for shazmax
    this is how i got into them. so glad i discovered this- now there's no doubt gang gang dance are of one my favourite bands everrrr.
  • Avatar for Yonn1979
    Best song of the everything.
  • Avatar for Ithil_pl
    "best song of the whole album. gg" fixed your typo, mate
  • Avatar for Doriol
    worst song of the whole album. gg
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    holy jesus fucking christ this is such a great discovery
  • Avatar for CazmoV
  • Avatar for soundsystemdub
    totally fits in the album, theres so much garage/grime influence all over it
  • Avatar for cause_time
    @evilhomestereo so true! it's very odd now.
  • Avatar for piribolygo
  • Avatar for osmark
    this song def stands out in its awesomeness
  • Avatar for paigesmurphy
    loooool when I first heard the rap I had to go through all my windows to make sure nothing else had started playing, so unexpected...
  • Avatar for DJ_Acula
    ohshitganggang [1trillion]
  • Avatar for evilhomestereo
    lol in hindsight this is like n-dubz doing a collab with fuck buttons
  • Avatar for katesnaps
    oh, shit, gang gang, etc. (mmmmmmmmmmmm)
  • Avatar for spinkeh
    Considering the direction of Tinchy Stryder's career, this can only seem even weirder in retrospect. LUFF IT!
  • Avatar for unklet0m
    Mmmm..., interesting sound.
  • Avatar for illadelphianjb
    gang gang shit oh... best grime choone i've ever heard (I've only listened to like 6 grime songs in my lifeO)))
  • Avatar for blebbio
    oh shit, Gang Gang
  • Avatar for missfelix
  • Avatar for staplefish
    haha just kidding but I love the song.
  • Avatar for staplefish
    "almost ruins the album" i hope you choke to death on your own stupidity.
  • Avatar for chawke
    almost ruins the album
  • Avatar for GeorgieClewes
    Great song.
  • Avatar for mx1000
    fuckign sick tune!
  • Avatar for robboyce
    Oh shit, GANG GANG!
  • Avatar for myliverandlungs
    I didn't like this song when I first listened to it last year. But as I listened to this album again today, I figured out what makes this song awesome. You have to listen to the album from the beginning to appreciate it. If you noticed, Gang Gang Dance switched gears in the album from this song. It is not the best song of all time, I agree. But it sits perfectly in the album. I was listening to this album at the gym today and realized that I had underestimated this song in the album. tl;dr, this album owns.
  • Avatar for tatiannan
    i like it
  • Avatar for whamcity
    i dont know why ppl dont like this, its awesome
  • Avatar for TheOstinator
    no shit, gang gang
  • Avatar for cause_time
    anyone have the lyrics?
  • Avatar for cause_time
  • Avatar for lovelikesummer
  • Avatar for Albert_Transom
    song sucks
  • Avatar for radekkkkkkk
    whoever said "their only good tune" needs to kill themselves
  • Avatar for no_friend_oh
    oh shit! BANG BANG DANCE.
  • Avatar for hunnybunny21
    whoa what the shit is happening i like it.
  • Avatar for biologica
    tinchy tinchy STRYDER
  • Avatar for zyclonben
    awww shucks, gang gang!
  • Avatar for BlocHead11
    aw shoot, Gang Bang
  • Avatar for post_shanna
    their only good tune
  • Avatar for captaincaptain
    Wait, was this on Skins? I don't like Gang Gang Dance anymore
  • Avatar for mechugag
    the song could have been good but the rap totally ruins it for me. the lyrics are trivial and the rapper is anything but original, same old clichés...


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