• Song Of The Day - 28th October 2008: How Long

    28 Oct 2008, 20:23 by GrantRS

    Gamma Ray / "How Long" / Majestic (9) / Sep 2005

    Artist: Gamma Ray
    Original Album: Majestic
    Track: How Long

    I hate traveling out of London during rush hour. For some reason our town merits a train roughly every 5 minutes into the capital in the morning, but only one train every 40 minutes back out in the evening. This works out to cause me nearly 3 hours of travel time a day, most of it in very crowded conditions. To ease the pain on weeks when I have to do this every day, I rely on my trusty 20GB mp3 player. It only ever lets me down when it runs out of battery. The problem though is that it's such a pain to update that unless I've been needing it a lot recently I haven't usually bothered to update it recently. It's currently lagging behind my collection by about two and a half months, which was a shame as I quite wanted to get to know two of my reent purchases, Torn and Lonely Are The Brave, a little better.

    All was not lost though. …