• Ten-Gabriella Cilmi Review

    30 Mar 2010, 06:07 by BritneyFanFeva

    Ten by Gabriella Cilmi is a brand new album from this Australian songstress. This misunderstood but amazing album is a great new direction for this new woman "On A Mission". It shows off her new confidence in her song-writing. It also shows a certain innovation in making the music original and she is also clearly not bowing down to what's cool in this currant musical climate.
    I believe in this album she takes risks and samples various retro eletro-pop and meshs it with the currant eletro pop sound. This I think on it's own she should be proud of when people ten years older then her are basically making run of the mill it's cool so I'll do it music. (Christina Aguilera, I am pre-judging you).

    Now to the songs and what makes each song special.
    Heart's don't lie-This song samples Bee Gee's harmonies and structure and shifts it to her old Jazz based music with a heavy sexy beat. Tell me what's not original about that. This is one of my favourites. …