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3 Apr 2012 | from


That's the number of remixes the hip-hop trio CopperWire has for the song “Phone Home”, the lead single from their debut album Earthbound .

The remixes are all part of the new Phone Home Remi (x) App , a free iPhone (and soon-to-be Android) app available TODAY April 3rd and created by Oakland-based AppSynth Media. Each remix is customizable by phone number. It's like a beat jukebox game with endless possibilities.... almost two million of them anyway. The innovative app turns one song into an interactive piece of music, and chances are you may never hear the tune the same way twice, redefining the way a single is released in the digital age. But the same number means the same version. So try out different remixes and find the ones you like. Maybe your mom's phone number is the best? Maybe your ex-boyfriend's? Maybe AT&T customer service?

Using the phone as a game interface, the user can further customize the song with interactive pads. Emcees can mute the vocals and have beats for their cyphers. Anyone can play along with the keypad and sound like a musician, and CopperWire themselves can perform a different version of the song at every concert.

AppSynth Media is a Black/Indian/Woman owned app development company inspired by a collective vision they refer to as “epic”. AppSynth Media and CopperWire have had a strategic partnership from CopperWire's inception.The Phone Home Remi (x) app is the first in a series of interactive apps planned for release in 2012.

The Phone Home Remi (x) App is LIVE as of TODAY! Go to your iPhone App store and download it while it's hot!

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