• tom reviews his Recommendations from groups

    17 May 2008, 17:08 by tom_dissonance

    Aura Navarre (played: Don't Look Further For The Devil)
    A stern-sounding lady sings seemingly at random over music played seemingly only slightly less at random.
    from “Music Is My Girlfriend“

    Miami Scissors (played: iamnokia)
    Their bio pegs them as "noise-rock/post-rock/experimental punk" but to these ears they sound like collegiate emo with maybe a slight nod towards the end of Britpop.
    from “Fugazi“

    Ben's Imaginary Band (played: The Last Living Man)
    Quite pleasant jangly acoustic guitar-y indie with perhaps slightly weedy vocals which nonetheless probably directly appeal to the kind of doe-eyed indie girls that the band bio seems to hint wistfully toward. The little xylophone thing is quite sweet.
    from “People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude“

    Spatial Unity (played: Postcard From My Heart)
    Spatial Unity is a class new music project from Scotland. Although predominantly and influenced, music is flavoured with various genres ranging from
  • Recommendations

    25 Mar 2008, 01:12 by Kapitankraut

    Again, I should point out that I'm not recommending each and every one of these artists or tracks. These are things which people have recommended to me. They may be (and often are) terrible.

    1. In the Woods... - "Heart of the Agess"
    This band used to be called Green Carnation, but eventually changed their name to this one. Black metal, apparently, although the avant-garde aspect seems to dominate on this track. I'm sure this is the sort of thing I should like, but the track is too weird for the sake of weirdness to really get into.

    2. Pohjannaula - "Lumottu yö"
    Finnish rock music with a sort of punk (although punk-with-a-fiddle-melody) sensibility to it all. To cap it off, though, the lyrics are in Finnish. I know "yö" means "night", but I don't know what the rest means at all. This is a pleasant little track, but it sounds too clean to quite work out.

    3. Lucas 15 - "08 - Teresina"
  • Where music is free...

    11 Dec 2007, 00:06 by Pixieguts

    The news from Pixies Palace, where music is free...


    Electromagnetic Impulses Network, our 'brother' cybervenue a the Ning site, is having an Xmas Show on DJ UKRed's 'Neon Beatz' electronica program at Scrub Radio on 13th/14th December.

    The program will include music by several Pixies Palace artists who are members of both groups.

    There will also be live chat in the Scrub forum with the DJ, artists and listeners while the program is happening.

    DJ UK Red's show is ace and the one we had there last week attracted the biggest chatroom turnout ever, a real cyber-rave. This week's show is likely to be even bigger!

    Highly recommended to join in the fun with us on Thursday 13th December (Friday morning the 14th for advanced time zoners) at:

    'Neon Beatz' at Scrub Radio

    There is a time zone calculator on the site schedule and you can sign up ready to get into the live forum while you are there.

    Hope to see you in the chatroom!