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  • Avatar for oskarchucky
    Great track!
  • Avatar for levelplain
    I'm on a mission that niggas say is impossible but when I swing my sword they all choppable. I be the body dropper, the heart beat stopper. Child educator plus head amputator.
  • Avatar for ragsnotriches
    Joe Biden brought me here.
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    espadas líquidas
  • Avatar for karnickel
  • Avatar for digitalgoober
    GOAT intro.[2]
  • Avatar for Green_Wire
    Genius is genius
  • Avatar for btwiP
  • Avatar for rza222
    Shogun Assassin
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    So great..
  • Avatar for mlleblondeh
    GOAT intro.
  • Avatar for Dominicanbred
    They cut out the long intro I see
  • Avatar for shorty427
    head boppin
  • Avatar for VeX08
    Dat Beat.
  • Avatar for spandrex
    I be the body dropper, the heartbeat stopper, child educator plus head amputator..............
  • Avatar for DKDC22
    GZA ain't nuthin to fuck wit!! [2]
  • Avatar for birdturd93
    GZA ain't nuthin to fuck wit!!
  • Avatar for DeezMcNuggetz
    Song is hot fire, liquid swords is a perfect name
  • Avatar for BryanMGazda
    got this Double LP on vinyl, best purchase I've ever made.
  • Avatar for docmoneygrip
  • Avatar for RxOliver
    Wu Tang forever
  • Avatar for davereader
    Showing album as Ian Brown Under the influence when i'm listening to liquid swords!!!
  • Avatar for Hullabaloolaloo
    Oh the parties I had blaring this track...
  • Avatar for WUGODBRO777
  • Avatar for OneBeLoTheWorld
    I just turned the volume way up
  • Avatar for jimmysunshine4
    Best drop Ever
  • Avatar for flashm8
    Wu Tang, Wu Tang, Wu Taaaaaaang! #Classic!
  • Avatar for steveisms
    4EVER WU!!!!!........................
  • Avatar for MrBiznazty
    I sentence that ass to the floor
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Can't wait for Liquid Swords II...
  • Avatar for peazepotter
    serious beat
  • Avatar for shamatha-x
    I flow like the blood on a murder scene
  • Avatar for petenjoff
  • Avatar for mo0nmilk
    I can't deal with how good this is
  • Avatar for Escobar97
    LIQUID (:::::::::::)[]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>
  • Avatar for OneBeLoTheWorld
    When the MCs CAME!
  • Avatar for btwiP
  • Avatar for Escobar97
    My Father wasn't afraid of the Shogun but the Shogun was afraid of him.
  • Avatar for Ariues2
    but theyre so comfortable:(
  • Avatar for DELivebelow
    clock radio speakers!
  • Avatar for DELivebelow
    Femmine like sandals
  • Avatar for DELivebelow
    Hot summer teenage days!
  • Avatar for Jahini
    Slaps!!!!!!!!!!!! Liquid Swords Classic Album
  • Avatar for JawnnyBoi
  • Avatar for johnnyroenyc
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup Damn !
  • Avatar for Atightradio
    Just putting it out there the brother is live I have seen it live in concert best ever on the mic walking slow.
  • Avatar for haloedeyes
    like a syringe
  • Avatar for tomgreen99200
    I drop megaton bombs more faster than you blink
  • Avatar for jonpwnsu
    classic. intro always reminds me of Kill Bill 2
  • Avatar for Flashstep
    Infected by DEVILILILZ!


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