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    Top 5 rap songs
  • Avatar for Gabrmachado
    Amen to that.
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  • Avatar for conquenceunique
    This my shit right here......out of mind just in time...propaganda sucks like he says in his rhymes
  • Avatar for SometimeWorld
    one of the greatest.
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  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    i love emotive rap like this
  • Avatar for lifeabove619
    ...women with wicked minds...
  • Avatar for lifeabove619
    liquid swords, killah priest, figures, tracks mad deep.
  • Avatar for escocial
    This is wow: "the first will be last and the last will be first, basic instructions before leaving earth.."
  • Avatar for mrwhite5
    I can't imagine a better debut appearance than this. Last track of the best hip-hop album at the time.
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  • Avatar for domybee
    This is Killah Priest not gza though it features on gza's album liquid swords, genius any way.
  • Avatar for RockBottomRiser
    Yer what StarCoreA said! Deep! Amazing song!
  • Avatar for StarCoreA
    I think he's just saying that it's more important to pursue the knowledge of the transcendental than to dwell on the trivialities of our physical lives.
  • Avatar for Epxs
    This song is deep. So much meaning in it.
  • Avatar for hexpheen
    haha @Ayer! I agree!
  • Avatar for LMW87
    "I guess what I mean is I basically hate any thing that supports christianity in anyway, so hearing someone rapping about their life experiences through that perspective is just uninteresting to me. " .... You're extremely ignorant. I'm not Christian, but most of the people that unabashedly bash anything remotely Christian are just as ignorant as orthodox Christians.
  • Avatar for Zypraxa
    it should be tagged as GZA, because it's on his album.
  • Avatar for closedmouth
    it doesn't beg the question, it raises the question. "begging the question" is a logical fallacy
  • Avatar for KingSol3
    Killah Priest rapped on this. The song is on Liquid Sword & Heavy Metal. This song is about knowledge and wisdom and teachings of the past. "So study and be wise in these days of darkness"
  • Avatar for OffTHEbench
    lol this isn't about Christianity ...
  • Avatar for kingoftown36
    I was gonna say I thought this was on Heavy Mental. Heavy Mental was an awesome song, this is...not
  • Avatar for adam-454
    This doesn't fit on the album at all. It is, however, completely amazing, and I love it.
  • Avatar for iPaet
    Awesome closer, love the lyrics and yah it's Killah Priest.
  • Avatar for ArrakisYouZebra
    Rule 481,329 of the Interwebz: If the song is even remotely about religion, there will be pointless and silly arguments in the comments.
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    I don't care how many people disagree with me, even if it's GZA himself. And the fact that he says things that aren't totally usual doesn't matter much either. I will admit that "bible thumping" was a poor choice of words by me. I guess what I mean is I basically hate any thing that supports christianity in anyway, so hearing someone rapping about their life experiences through that perspective is just uninteresting to me.
  • Avatar for ebisu
    I didn't say that it's not Christian, I said that it's a point-of-view that you won't hear from most Christians. As in it's not a viewpoint that mainstream Christianity. The point I was making was that Killah Priest was speaking more from his own experiences rather than preaching. Just because someone is speaking on Christianity does not mean it's Bible-thumping, that generally entails a more aggressive push of the religion. At any rate, that's fine if you don't think it belongs on the album but judging by the number of listeners I'd say there's more than a few people that disagree with you, including the artist that made the album.
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    There's nothing unchristian about any of that. First part he's just saying when he was younger he didn't like church because it wasn't fun. Second part he's talking about how paintings of christ were based on the image of Cesare Borgia-- not quite sure what point you're even making by bringing that line up. And who cares if it's his experiences, it's still from a completely christian point of view. It doesn't belong on Liquid Swords. and yep, I happen to hate LeCrae.
  • Avatar for ebisu
    I don't think this is Bible thumping... he definitely speaks from a point-of-view that you wouldn't normally hear from most Christians. For example, "And went to church since birth, but it wasn't worth the loot/ that I was paying, plus the praying/ I didn't like staying cuz of busy-bodies and dizzy hotties/ That the preacher had souped up with lies" and "The white image, of Christ, is really Cesare Borgia/ and uhh, the second son of Pope Alexander/ The Sixth of Rome, and once the picture was shown/ That's how the devils tricked my dome" Plus he seems to be speaking more about his experience than pushing beliefs or quoting scripture. If you think this is Bible thumping, I'd hate for you to hear something like [artist]Lecrae[/artist] or [artist]Sho Baraka[/artist].
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    don't get me wrong, it's good rhyming and everything, but the bible thumping makes me ill.
  • Avatar for ebisu
    Atmosphere-it: Yes, and not coincidentally, there's a much higher number that think you should do so.
  • Avatar for Bellseph
    Atmosphere - You are in a minority of one yes.
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    am I the only one who thinks this track should fuck off?
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  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    gives me chills. definitely the best song on the album.
  • Avatar for quake997
    Great ending to probably the best solo Wu album
  • Avatar for IxiShanexI
    Easily one of the most underrated hip-hop tracks of all time
  • Avatar for ki-b
    Sweet track, totally underrated <3
  • Avatar for Davviid
    Love this song name!
  • Avatar for Hopkinator
    Great song!
  • Avatar for 5thEye
  • Avatar for gumby101
    amazing. I know its not GZA rapping, but it really completes liquid swords in my opinion
  • Avatar for progjunky
  • Avatar for Murdergram
    Not GZA.
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  • Avatar for Trusso32
    This is the most amazing song by him
  • Avatar for conduit1984
  • Avatar for FrancisTreptoe
    this song is fucking dope
  • Avatar for tigerball14
    Killah Priest murders it.


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