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  • 18 years and still fresh as fuck. [2] Best album cover ever! [2] Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [12] Not even close for me.
  • classic
  • Cool album art too.
  • This album is great.
  • One of - if not THE BEST - Hip-Hop Album of all time
  • It's an incredible album, but I don't know about that one.
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [11]
  • RZA is a fucking alchemist.
  • Best album cover ever!
  • 18 years and still fresh as fuck.
  • Love these dark beats.
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [8]
  • This man lives up to his name.
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [7]
  • One of the best albums ever. No matter what music your into. Needs to be heard.
  • watch the movie "Shoguns Assassin" if you like this cd
  • i dont waste ink, nigga i think i drop megaton bombs more faster than you blink
  • good albam
  • BEST ALBUM EVER MADE!!!!! 4EVER WU!...........................................
  • The Kung Fu intros become lame after the first few listens .. but amazing album. 5/5
  • classical tone, i guess this influence Boards of Canada a lot
  • 36 Chambers>Liquid Swords [101]
  • GZA was so on fire here, he inspired the rest of Wu-Tang to pull out some of their finest verses on this album. Ghostface, Meth, RZA, & Deck in particular
  • Top 3 Wu albums - perfect
  • Liquid Swords, best album
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [6]
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [5]
  • should have listened sooner.
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [4]
  • Liquid Swords>36 Chambers [3]
  • Bought it for only 3 pounds in London y'day.
  • Probably the best album of the 90s
  • Liquid Swords > 36 Chambers ...for me atleast And one of my all-time favorites[2]
  • Shadowboxin' is one of my favorite hip-hop tracks ever. The beat, the lyrics, everything about it are perfect. Although I'd love for it to be longer.
  • This album is golden.
  • This and "The Taste of Rain...Why Kneel?" by Deep Puddle Dynamics are wrestling for best hip hop album ever (for me). Lyrically ill, great flow, incredible production. 10/10
  • best album ever
  • What the fuck?! I have one play on this album? Is it because I had my artist tagged as 'GZA' until now?
  • absolute masterpiece. highest recommendation. sometimes niggas don't know where this shit started.
  • almost as perfect as 36 Chambers..
  • Liquid Swords > 36 Chambers ...for me atleast And one of my all-time favorites
  • and it always will be
  • Best hip hop album of all time
  • i fucken' adore swordsman. Dope shit
  • amazing
  • One of my favorite albums ever. I don't listen to all that much hip hop, but I KNOW this has got to be one of the best of the genre.
  • Shadowboxin meth goes off
  • yeah, still one of my favorite albums. and hell if i had to play that silly rating game, i'd say LS > Tical > 36 Chambers > OB4CL > Return > everything else
  • the best album for gza it still gets me fired up


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