• Lack of Activity

    22 Jun 2007, 16:35 by LauraOrganaSolo

    Damn it. I forgot to reinstall Last.fm's plug-in so nothing I've been listening to has been scrobbled. I'm kind of pissed about that since RETURNER~闇の終焉~ is the best single Gackt has ever released.

    Usually his singles are hit and miss with either the A-side being so-so and the B-side being awesome -- like 君のためにできること for example or less often it 's the other way around and the actual single itself is fantastic but the B-side is meh, like Secret Garden and REDEMPTION.

    RETURNER~闇の終焉~, however, is all-around phenomenal. I couldn't ask for better B-sides than my favorite ones ever, cube and Birdcage.

    But they haven't been scrobbled at all this week. :- (